Describe a famous person that you are interested in | Cue Card

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Who is this person is

How you know about this person

What sort of life they had before they became famous

How this person became famous

And explain why you like this person.

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There are several personalities whom I admire and would love to meet. One among them is Shubhdeep Singh Sidhu, better known by his stage name Sidhu Moose Wala, is an Indian singer, rapper and actor associated with Punjabi music and Punjabi cinema.

He is one of the most successful singer. He is not only famous in India but also in foreign countries. He has melodious voice and I got to know about him when one of my friends told me to listen his dollar song when I was trying to listen and from that time I become a diehard fan of him.

I have listened all his songs and I never miss his new songs. My mobile phone and laptop is filled with his songs. Although he is successful today and people think that he born with a silver spoon as he became famous in his early age but most of the people don’t know about him and his journey from rags to riches.

The one thing why I really like him he is such a humble and generous person. I got to know from one of the article that he do charity for the cancer patients. He is dawn to earth person and always support poor people.

I think he is a huge inspiration to many. If I ever get a chance to meet him I will never miss the boat. I think he is doing a wonderful job as s singer at the moment.  I would like to wish him good luck for the future as well.


1.What type of people are famous in your country?

Rich and powerful people with lots of money are usually famous these days. But if you want me to be specific, I would say that music artists, movie stars, cultural celebrities, successful sportspeople, top business executives of very big and profitable companies, successful professionals and politicians usually fall into the categories of famous people.

2.How do people become famous nowadays?

Some people become famous because of their natural talents. These people might be famous for singing, acting, or hitting a baseball. Your natural beauty might even lead you to become a famous supermodel one day. Other people may become famous for things they do — both good and bad.

3.What is the difference between people who were famous earlier and who are famous now?

In ancient time, most of the celebrities whether they were politician, actors, leaders, businessman they were famous because of their accomplishment after so much of hard work in their life. These days most of the celebrities were media made. All source of media has the power to make any person a star overnight. It doesn’t matter if they actually deserve it or not.

4. What do you think about nepotism amongst the famous people?

The practice among those with power or influence of favouring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs. Nepotism works in Bollywood that’s why bollywood don’t Focus on the talented actors. Moreover, nepotism always present among famous people because they want to use their influence and give a platform to their children to achieve success.