Describe a person who you are happy to know Cue card

Describe a person who you are happy to know Cue card | 8 Band Sample
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Describe a person who you are happy to know | May to August 2024 | 8 band sample
• Who this person is
• How do know this person
• What he or she is like
• And explain why you are happy to know him or her


1. Optimistic – positive thinker
2. Pessimistic- negative thinker
3. Elated – happy
4. Not born with a silver spoon- not born in a rich family
5. Destitute – poor
6. Jack of all trades- someone who is skilled in many different areas

In this world I have been across various kinds of people some are optimistic others pessimistic. But here I would like to shed some light on a person who is my favourite also I always feel elated whenever I recall him. He is one of my best buddies his name is……
Actually, I was born and brought up in a small town I remember that when I was in my 10th standard that time I came to know about him because one of my mentors introduced him in my class. Being an extrovert person, I started to communicate with him and we became friends since that time we have been very close to each other.
If I talk about what he likes, actually he is an industrious person he was not born with a silver spoon so that’s why he always puts his best foot forward to help needy ones by donating clothes and food. He told me that he feels inner gratification whenever he does charity work. Apart from that, he tries to spend quality time with older people in a park which is situated in the heart’ of my city. Moreover, nowadays he provides free education to destitute learners who are not able to go to school.
I am always delighted to have that special person in my life. He is a jack of all trades and has an incredible ability to solve my problems with ease. I prefer to meet him during difficult times because I know he will always provide the support and solutions I need. All in all, I can confidently say he is the apple of my eye, and I feel incredibly lucky to have him in my life.

1. How can children feel happy?
Children feel happy when they engage in fun activities, receive praise, and spend quality time with loved ones. For example, playing a game of tag with friends, getting a high-five for good work, or having a family picnic can all bring joy to a child’s day.

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2. What is the difference between adult and children’s happiness?
The distinction between adults’ and children’s happiness lies in their experiences and sources of joy. For instance, a child may find happiness in receiving a new toy or playing with friends, while an adult might derive happiness from career accomplishments or meaningful relationships. Children often experience happiness in the present moment, while adults may find happiness through reflection on past achievements and anticipation of future goals.

3. Do you think everyone shares a similar definition of happiness?
No, everyone does not share a similar definition of happiness. For example, while some people may find happiness in material possessions or career success, others may find joy in simpler aspects of life such as spending time with loved ones or pursuing personal passions.

4. Some people say that living in a happy city is boring. What do you think?
I don’t think so living in a happy city in India, such as Chandigarh or Pune, is boring. These cities boast lively cultural scenes, bustling markets, and vibrant street life, ensuring residents have diverse experiences and opportunities for enjoyment.

Describe a person who you are happy to know (Youtube Video)