Describe something you own that you want to replace Cue Card

Describe something you own that want to replace Cue Card | 8 Band Sample | IELTS Speaking May to August 2024 Something You Own That You Want to Replace Cue Card | IELTS Speaking

Something You Own That You Want to Replace Cue Card | IELTS Speaking
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Describe something you own that want to replace Cue Card | 8 Band Sample | IELTS Speaking May to August 2024

• What it is
• Where it is
• How you got it
• And explain why you want to replace it


1. Passenger of the same lane – someone who is traveling in the same direction or path as another person
2. Prevalent – common
3. Daunting – Challenging
4. Natal day – Another term for a birthday
5. Sluggish-Moving or acting slowly; lacking energy
6. Inconvenient – causing trouble

Replacing old things with new ones is prevalent among people, and I am also a passenger of the same lane. Here today, I am going to talk about a particular thing which I intend to replace that is none other than my mobile phone. It is an older model smartphone that I usually keep either in my pocket or on my desk.
When I was studying in 12 class that time my mentor gave me assignments for my final exams. So that time I had no mobile phone or other technical gadgets so it was a daunting task for me to complete it. Before, the exam there was my natal day that mobile was given by my parents. They bought that mobile phone from a local shop. It is of …… in black colour.
I want to replace it for several reasons. Firstly, the battery life has significantly decreased, and I often find myself needing to charge it multiple times a day, which is quite inconvenient. Secondly, the phone’s performance has slowed down considerably. Apps take a long time to load, and the operating system sometimes lags or crashes. Additionally, the camera quality is no longer up to par with newer models, which is disappointing because I enjoy taking photos. Finally, newer models offer a range of updated features and improved security that my current phone lacks.
Lastly, newer phones come with a range of updated features and enhanced security measures. For instance, they have better facial recognition technology, more advanced biometric sensors, and overall improved software security. My current phone lacks these advancements, making me feel like I’m missing out on important upgrades that could enhance my digital safety and user experience.
In summary, while my current phone has served me well for the past two years, its declining battery life, sluggish performance, outdated camera quality, and lack of modern features are compelling reasons to consider replacing it with a newer model. Upgrading to a new phone would not only improve my day-to-day convenience and productivity but also allow me to enjoy the latest technological advancements.

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1. Does consumption have any impact on the environment?
Yes, consumption significantly impacts the environment. When we buy and use products, it often involves the extraction of natural resources, manufacturing processes, transportation, and disposal, all of which can harm the environment. For instance, the production of goods often leads to greenhouse gas emissions, pollution, habitat destruction, and depletion of natural resources.

2. Why do people always want to buy new things to replace old ones?
People like new things because they’re exciting and often have better features. Plus, there’s a feeling of keeping up with what’s popular or what others have. So, when something old seems outdated or not as good, people naturally want to replace it with something fresh and improved.

3. Why do you think some people replace things more often than others?
Some people replace things more often than others due to factors like personal preferences, financial resources, and lifestyle choices. For instance, someone who values having the latest technology might upgrade their smartphone every year to access new features.

4. Why do young people change things more often than old people?
Young people often change things more frequently than older people because they are in a stage of life where they are still exploring their identities and preferences. They may change jobs, relationships, or living situations more frequently as they search for what suits them best. Additionally, younger individuals tend to have fewer responsibilities and commitments, allowing them more flexibility to make changes.

5. Why do some people like to buy expensive things?
Some people buy expensive things to show their success and social status. They also appreciate the high quality and durability of these items. Additionally, owning luxury items gives them personal satisfaction and joy.

6. Why do some people prefer to buy things in the supermarket rather than online?
Some people prefer shopping in supermarkets because they can see and touch products before buying, ensuring quality and satisfaction. Additionally, they enjoy the convenience of immediate access to items without waiting for shipping or dealing with potential delivery issues.

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