Describe a person who impressed you the most when you were in primary school Cue Card

Final version cue card 2021

Describe a person who impressed you the most when you were in primary school Cue Card
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Who he/she is?

How you knew him/her

Why he/she impressed you the most

And how you feel about him/her

I consider myself exceptionally fortunate to have been taught and guided by some excellent teachers throughout my academic life.  Among them, I’d like to talk about Mr Mohit, who has been an extraordinary teacher, a really good mentor and who has a great influence on my studies.

I met Mr Mohit for the first time when I was in fourth grade. He was our math teacher. Initially, we thought that he would be a tough teacher and we would have to be very polite in front of him. We got this impression mostly because of his serious face and tidy dress-up. But soon we found that he was a very friendly person and we did not have to be “very polite” with him.
He never made things complicated and tried over and over again to explain something to us. He had a unique way of teaching and could explain complex topics very easily. Thus everything we learned from him was interesting and that’s why we remember most of the theories and techniques of math he taught us.

I’d say he has a great influence on my education because he helped me build a strong foundation in mathematics. My major in college was science and mathematics was the most important subject at that level. I have always been good at math and that’ mainly because of Mr Mohit who had a major role in making the subject interesting to me.
Before I learned math from Mr Mohit, my impression on math was not good and I considered mathematics to be a complex and uninteresting subject. But his teaching and influences changed my way of thinking about math and later on, math became my one the most favourite subjects for which I admire him greatly. 


1.Why do some people always miss their childhood?

Childhood is truly a golden period because it is the age where care is taken by parents and at that age, they are provided all basic supplements. Nowadays, everyone has a busy schedule so they do not have time for each other, so that’s why people feel isolated according to me it is the main reason some people always miss their childhood days.

2.Are kids happier than adults? Why?

Definitely, children are extremely happy as compare to adults because they are free of worries, tensions, and stress. On the other hand, adults are not happier because they have a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders.

3. Why do people still remember many of their friends from primary school?

I think it’s because of the amount of time we spent with them. We never spend as much time with friends during adulthood because of work and familial responsibilities. Also, we have strong bondings with them.

4.What kind of primary school teachers impress students?

Creative teachers who think out of the box, especially when it involves new apps and technologies in the classroom they easily impress the students. Besides, those teachers are very polite and easily understand the problems of children.