Describe a businessman you admire Cue Card

Latest Cue Card | Sep-Dec 2021

Describe a businessman you admire Cue Card | 8 Band Sample
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Who this person is?

How do know this person?

What kind of business this person does?

Why you admire this person?

I often like to read the life stories of successful business persons in the world because they teach us many things. Their lives and professions are also inspiring for people. Today, I’d like to talk about one such person who is not only a successful business person but also a very renowned personality in my town. He is none other than my neighbour.
Since he is from the same town where I spent my childhood and teenage time, I have heard a lot about him. A couple of times, I have seen him in different seminars and programmes. Unfortunately, I never had the chance to talk to him in person. But, if I ever get a chance to spend some time with him, I would ask him about his success stories as a business person.

He is the eldest son of a successful local businessman and inherited his father’s electronic industry division many years ago. That was just the beginning, and over time, he has worked really hard and built his empire in the local business market. In a few years, he took some giant leaps to expand it beyond his town. And lately, he has been awarded as one of the best business entrepreneurs in the country.

From the local electronic business he had inherited from his father, he gradually and successfully amassed fortune and business success and thus has become one of the enviable businessmen in the country. His companies now produce cosmetics, shoes, papers, clothing items, medicines and of course different electrical and electronic items.

Taking great decisions and gradually enhancing the business was his success mantra. Everyone in our locality agrees that he was an honest, hardworking and wise person who knew when to take risks and when not to. His timely decision, investment in promising sectors and hard work have rewarded him well. His companies currently employ millions of people, and this is also a big success as a businessman.


1. What do you think should be the retirement age for men and women?

In my perspective, the ideal retirement age should be 60-65 years for both men and women. By that time, you’re old enough to have built up a nice financial reserve and young enough to enjoy your job-free years.

2. What qualities do people need to run their own business?

I think the prime quality is financial literacy because ultimately the success of any business depends upon whether it is financially sound or not. Besides that, people need to have risk taking qualities and they must be able to effectively take charge of the whole business activity.

3. What do you think are key factors the contribute to the success of a business?

I think there are number of driving forces behind the success of a business. For example, a successful hotel needs a good location, a good quality service, and delicious food more than anything else. Generally, if the business is tapping onto the mindset of his consumer; the success is inevitable.

4. If you had the opportunity to open your own business, what would it be and why?

If I had the opportunity to start my own business, I would definitely pick a real estate business. Simply because, Starting a real estate was always my dream, I’ve worked with few real estate companies in the past. So, I have a lot of information about this business.