Describe a place you visited on vacation Cue Card

Latest Cue Card | Sep-Dec 2021

Describe a place you visited on vacation Cue Card
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When you went there?

Where it is?

What you did there?

And explain why you went there?

I love traveling and I have visited number of places in my life. Today I am going to speak about a place where I went on holidays. The name of the place is Golden temple.  I went there with my friends after my exams. It is about 500 kms from my hometown
The name of the place is Golden temple. It is in Amritsar, Punjab and basically, it is a temple, a worship place of Sikh community but it is visited by millions of people of all the religions every year owing to its popularity.
We mainly went there for worshipping of God. Firstly, We took bath in the holy pond because it is believed that the water in the pond has healing powers. After that, we paid obeisance and sat in the Darbar sahib. Besides, we went to museum and saw old weapons. Then, we went to community hall where we ate community food. I saw many foreigners as which shows the popularity of this place around the globe and we clicked photographs with them.  On the 2nd day, we did shopping from the traditional shops of Amritsar. Next day, we visited bagah border and saw parade.
It is a unique place because sitting inside the temple and listening to sacred hymns relieves all the stresses and worries in life, while the food served at the community hall inside the temple brings satisfaction.
I like a lot to visit this place of historical importance as it provides me immense inner happiness spiritually and psychologically that strengthens me from inside to face the hardships of life. I must say that it is worth visit destination for everyone who wants to have a spiritual and peaceful experience.


1. What are some popular attractions that people like to visit in your country?

Well, India is a land of beauty and numerous tourist attractions have made the country lucrative to all, especially the rich people. The country has a vibrant history of different periods and most of the tourist spots are friendly for the family. The most notable tourist attractions of India are shrines, forts, parks, restaurants, and museums.

2. Do old people and young people like to go to different places for vacation?

Yes, I think so! old people are more inclined towards history, god, and devotion. So, their first preference mostly is some sacred temple or a museum. Whereas, Young people love to party hard. Beaches and loud places such as clubs are their favourite holiday destinations.

3. What do old people and young people think about when making travel plans?

Old people, according to me, mostly care about cost and comfort. They are pennywise, so they try to get the most travel comfort at the least possible cost. While youngsters only focus on activities. They want thrill & adventure, rest everything is secondary.

4. How do people get to know about new places?

I think the internet is a goldmine of information. Anytime you feel the need of knowing about any new place, you just have to say ” OK GOOGLE” and the magic is done!