Describe a person who encouraged you to achieve your goal Cue Card

Describe a person who encouraged you to achieve your goal

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Describe a person who encouraged you to achieve your goal | May to August 2024 cue card
Who the person is
How he/she encouraged you
What goal you achieved
And explain how you feel about this person.

1. Fit as a fiddle
2. Encountered
3. Ailments
4. Uphill battle
5. Over the moon

According to my perspective, motivation is essential for everyone, whether they are old or younger, and everyone has a person who always supports and encourages them to become productive members. Here I am going to talk about the kind of person who motivated me to achieve my goal and he is none other than my uncle who lives next to my door his name is____. He is a gym trainer and runs his own gym, which is located in the heart of my city.
Being an instructor, he follows a strict routine in his daily life to become fit as a fiddle. I am really motivated by his fitness level and dedication. In addition, whenever I spend time with him I learn something new from him.
Actually, One year ago, I encountered many health problems only because of my overweight and inappropriate diet which led to many health ailments like high blood pressure, anxiety, laziness, and many more. Hence, I decided to change myself at the time, but it was impossible without the right guidance and instructions. Therefore, my uncle provided me helping hand in achieving my fitness goal.
To be honest, during the initial days of training, it was a really uphill battle for me as I had lack of stamina and strength, but my uncle always pushed me to give my best. He made many efforts like making a diet plan, helping me to perform distinct kinds of exercises, making strict rules and timetables for me, and so on. Within one month, I observed some changes in my body, and without any difficulty, I could perform a heavy exercise without taking help from anyone, it was just because of my Uncle’s motivation and till now I have followed his advice regarding any kind of health disorders. I really feel glad and over the moon that I have such a kind of person in my life who always motivated me to stay healthy not only physically, but also mentally as I also learned many life lessons from him during that training session. All in all, he is a person who inspired me to fulfill my fitness goal.
Finally, after six months of consistent effort and guidance from my uncle, I achieved my fitness goal. I lost a significant amount of weight, gained muscle strength, and my health issues diminished. I felt over the moon with my transformation.
I am incredibly grateful to my uncle for his support and encouragement. He not only helped me achieve my fitness goal but also instilled in me a sense of discipline and dedication. He is truly an inspiration, and I have immense respect and admiration for him.


1. Do you think children are more likely to achieve their goals if they are encouraged?
Yes, children are more likely to achieve their goals if they are encouraged. Encouragement helps them feel confident, motivated, and supported, which makes it easier for them to keep trying and succeed.

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2. What should parents do if their children don’t want to study?
If children don’t want to study, parents should talk to them to understand why, make studying fun with games or activities, and set a regular study routine with breaks. Encouragement and praise for their efforts can also help motivate them.

3. Who do you think should set goals for children?
Children should set their own goals, with guidance from parents and teachers. For example, a child might decide to read a book each month, and parents can help by choosing books and setting reading times.

4. Who plays a more important role in children’s education, parents or teachers?
Both parents and teachers play important roles in children’s education. Parents provide support and learning at home, while teachers offer instruction and guidance at school. Working together, they ensure the best educational experience for children.

5. Is money the only motivation for people to work hard?
No, money is not the only motivation for people to work hard. For example, some people work hard because they love their job, like teachers who are passionate about educating children, or doctors who want to help and heal others.

6. Which is more important , competition or cooperation?
Cooperation is more important because it encourages teamwork and problem-solving. For example, in a group project, students who cooperate can combine their strengths to achieve better results than if they competed against each other.

7. Why it is important for teenagers to set the goals?
It’s important for teenagers to set goals because it gives them direction, motivation, and a sense of purpose. For example, a teenager who sets a goal of improving their grades may work harder in school and feel a sense of accomplishment when they achieve their goal.

8. What will encourage children to learn more?
Encouraging children to learn more involves making learning fun, like turning math problems into games. For example, using toys or objects to help them understand counting or fractions can make learning more engaging and enjoyable.

9. Do parents and teachers punish children nowadays?
Yes, but the focus has shifted towards more positive and constructive approaches to discipline. For example, instead of just punishing a child for misbehaving, parents and teachers might use strategies like time-outs, discussions about behaviour consequences, or positive reinforcement of good behaviour.

10. Who do you think has greater influence on the goal –setting of children? Teachers or Parents?
Both teachers and parents have significant influence on the goal-setting of children. For example, a teacher might inspire a student to set academic goals by providing encouragement and guidance in the classroom, while a parent might encourage a child to set goals related to extracurricular activities or personal development at home.

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