Describe a time you taught something new to a younger person Cue Card

Describe a time you taught something new to a younger person Cue card | IELTS Speaking | May to august 2024

Describe a time you taught something new to a younger person Cue card | IELTS Speaking | May to august 2024
Describe a time you taught something new to a younger person Cue card | IELTS Speaking | May to august 2024
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Describe a time you taught something new to a younger person | May to August 2024 | IELTS Speaking
• When it happened
• What you thought
• Who you taught
• Why you taught this person
• How you felt about teaching


1. Imperative- important
2. Lucrative – beneficial
3. Uphill battle – difficult
4. Culinary skills- cooking skills
5. Indulge- involve
6. Herculean-challenging
7. Cloud Nine- very happy
8. Myriad – several/many

To be honest, I am the sort of person who always tries to learn something new from others so that I can gain more experience and knowledge even I do not hesitate when I get an opportunity to give a helping hand to others to teach something. So here I am going to share this kind of experience when I taught cooking to my younger cousin. Her name is ____and she is really close to my heart.
I remember it was our last vacation when she went to my home to spend the holidays with me and my family. Actually, we are very close and help each other whenever we need. The main reason why I taught this to my cousin was to make her more independent for her upcoming future. Actually, she wants to go overseas for further education, so that’s why she wants to learn cooking, which is an imperative skill that everyone should learn.
By learning cooking, she will be able to get a job in a restaurant and also can prove lucrative to save money because there is an excessive number of students who are living abroad and they do not know how to cook food so that’s why they have to purchase food from outside. It’s not only unhygienic but also expensive. So these are the main causes that why my cousin wanted to learn this skill from me.
As I have good culinary skills, she requested me to teach cooking. I did not take a second to say yes. Firstly, I taught her the basic rules of cooking like collecting the all required ingredients and equipment before making any type of dish which can save us time, and also gave information about the different kinds of spices and their role in different recipes.
After that, I decided to teach easy dishes, firstly, so that she did not find difficulty. To be honest, it was a really uphill battle for her as it was the first time when she indulged in cooking. However, I always cheered her and provided constant support. Instead of this, I offered words of encouragement and praised her efforts, which helped her to boost her motivation and determination.
The most herculean task for her to make round Chapati. But. After plenty of effort, she finally did it which made me feel over cloud nine as it was the first thing in which she made herself perfect. Furthermore, I easily taught her in the beginning, I cooked some dishes in front of her so that she could understand how much spices we should put in food items. During the few attempts, sometimes she confused between some species and put the wrong amount. Witnessing her progress filled me with a sense of pride and joy and I felt out of the blue to see her performance as she made herself amazing in cooking within a month. Now she can cook myriad dishes like Dal rice, shahi paneer, and many more.
If I talk about my feelings, it can not be expressed in words as I felt extremely glad to see the joy on her face which was priceless. To cut a long story short, it was a time when I taught cooking to my cousin’s sister.

1. What skills do adults need to have?
Adults need practical skills like cooking, budgeting, and time management to navigate daily life. For instance, knowing how to cook nutritious meals ensures self-sufficiency and health, while effective budgeting allows for financial stability. Time management skills help balance work, family, and personal commitments efficiently.

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2 . How can people be motivated to learn new things?
People can be motivated to learn new things by discovering personal interests, setting achievable goals, and seeking support from peers or mentors. For instance, joining a community of learners with similar interests or breaking down learning tasks into smaller, manageable steps can boost motivation and encourage continuous learning.

3. What can children learn from teachers and parents?
Children can learn values, academic knowledge, and life skills from both teachers and parents. Teachers provide structured learning environments, academic guidance, and social skills development, while parents offer emotional support, values education, and practical life lessons through daily interactions and experiences.

4. What are the skills that you wanted to learn?
I want to learn how to drive a car as it offers independence and opens up opportunities for mobility because it is a valuable skill that enhances self-reliance and facilitates participation in various aspects of life, such as commuting to work or exploring new places.

5. What skills should children learn before entering school?
Before entering school, children should learn basic social skills like sharing toys and taking turns during playtime. They should also be able to recognize letters, numbers, colours, and shapes, which can lay the foundation for early academic success.

6. How does a good learner learn something new?
A good learner learns something new by staying curious, paying attention, and practicing regularly. They ask questions, seek understanding, and aren’t afraid to make mistakes. With determination and patience, they persist in their efforts until they grasp the concept or skill they’re learning.