Describe a place that is good for people to live in Cue Card

Describe a place that is good for people to live in Cue Card | IELTS Speaking | 8 Band Sample | May to August 2024

Describe a place that is good for people to live in Cue Card | IELTS Speaking | 8 Band Sample | May to August 2024
Describe a place that is good for people to live in Cue Card | IELTS Speaking | 8 Band Sample | May to August 2024
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Describe a place that is good for people to live in
• Where it is
• How you knew this place
• What it is like
• And explain why it is better than other places to live in


1. Lucrative -Producing a great deal of profit; highly profitable or rewarding in terms of financial gain
2. Laden with – Heavily loaded with something
3. Umpteen- many
4. Reside- live
5. Curious – Eager to know or learn something; having a desire to explore
6. Top-notch – Of the highest quality; excellent or outstanding in terms of performance
7. Never miss the boat – never miss the opportunity

Well, India is a diverse country, many lucrative cities are available in it, and each and every state has its own significance in terms of having culture as well as language. Even though my nation is laden with umpteen eminent places here today I am going to talk about that particular place which provides inner satisfaction to people for residing. That is none other than the capital of my state Punjab Chandigarh.
The best thing about the city is that it is divided into two separate parts the first one is the industrial area and the second is the residential area, meaning that the dwellers of Chandigarh are living far away from polluted areas. So, the weather is very calm and serene there.
Actually, I came to know about this place from my cousin who is pursuing her graduation over there, so when she visits my home we gossip about this fascinating City. Not only this, I am curious to know more about this area in my upcoming life. Honestly speaking she told me about the well-mannered parks as well as alluring tourist attractions such as Sukhna Lake, Rose Garden, Rock Garden, and Elante Mall.
Chandigarh offers several benefits that make it better than other places to live in. Firstly, it is a green city, so there is less pollution. Secondly, it is not only a hub of education but also offers job opportunities. Apart from this, there are top-notch hospitals that provide the best medical facilities.
All in all, that is a city which I reckon that the best place to live as compared to other ones. Plus, if I get any opportunity to visit there then I will never miss the boat.

1. What are the differences between cities and towns?
Cities and towns differ mainly in size and population, with cities being larger and more densely populated. Cities typically have more developed infrastructure, services, and administrative functions compared to towns. Additionally, cities often have a more complex government structure.

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2. What has happened to towns and villages in recent years in your country?
In recent years, towns and villages in many countries have experienced significant population declines as people migrate to cities for better job opportunities. This has led to reduced local economies and the closure of schools and businesses.

3. What are the differences between big cities and small ones?
Big cities and small cities differ primarily in size, population, and infrastructure. Big cities have larger populations, more extensive public transportation systems, and greater access to amenities like hospitals, universities, and cultural institutions. They also tend to have more job opportunities and diverse economic activities. In contrast, small cities offer a slower pace of life, closer-knit communities, less traffic congestion, and often a lower cost of living.

4. What factors will contribute to whether a place is good to live in or not?
A place’s livability depends on safety, cost of living, and job opportunities. Quality of education, healthcare, and amenities also play crucial roles. Additionally, efficient transportation, community environment, and climate significantly impact overall quality of life.

5. What are the major changes that have happened in your city?
In my city, significant changes have occurred in recent years, including the development of new residential and commercial areas, the introduction of modern transportation systems like metro lines, and the establishment of more green spaces and recreational facilities. Additionally, there has been a noticeable shift towards digitalization in various sectors, such as online services and e-commerce platforms, making life more convenient for residents.

6. How different is life in the countryside to life in the city?
Life in the countryside is often slower-paced and closer to nature, with more open spaces and fewer people. People in the countryside typically have closer-knit communities and may rely more on agriculture or small-scale businesses for livelihoods. In contrast, life in the city is faster-paced, with more opportunities for employment, entertainment, and cultural experiences. Cities also offer a wider range of amenities and services but can be more crowded and stressful.

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