Describe a goal you want to achieve in the future | cue card

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What the goal is

What would you do to achieve it

When will you achieve?

Explain why you want to achieve it?

We all make goals for our lives, the ones that we all work hard to achieve. One of my ambitions that I have not yet achieved is to be able to communicate in French. As you know that, the ability to speak a second language has become a valuable asset in today’s society. Besides looking for motivated individuals with experience, companies are searching for potential candidates who can offer more with regards to cultural diversity.  

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I just thought about this idea a year ago because I realized that nowadays, knowing more foreign languages is an advantage not only in our daily lives but also in work environments.

In order to achieve this, I registered for a French class for beginners, twice a week, I also downloaded an application on my cell phone which helps people study foreign language named Duolingo so that I can study on my own at home.

For the first two weeks, I did not skip any classes and spent at least 30 minutes every night studying French on Duolingo at home.

Unfortunately, I could not keep up with the schedule for long since I was working full time, not to mention that I had many other social activities that distracted me from studying.

There were days when I was so busy that I had to work overtime to finish my project work. As a result, I was not able to go to class and I definitely did not have any time to study at home.

Moreover, my friends complained that I had been ignoring them, so I needed to arrange the time to hang out with them.

Just like that, I gradually lost my ambition to study French and until now, I can only remember one alphabet table, even though French uses various types of alphabets.

In the near future, I will join the class again and will study properly so that I can speak fluently.

Follow ups

1. Should parents set goals for children?

Parents are the backbone of their children and their future. They are the first ones to inspire, the first ones to support and the first ones to help them gain the confidence that they need. I am not sure setting goals for children is right but I think parents should direct children to set their goals. Parents and children should discuss the goals together so the parent knows what activities to expose the child to that would allow them to learn more about their goal/interest.

2. When do young children start to set goals for themselves?

From the very young age. Parents had to help them to set goals. They will learn the sense of accomplishment when they achieve their goals. It motivates them to do better. Moreover, this will vary from child to child but I highly recommend letting your children guide as much of their life as they safely and responsibly can. We let our kids set goals as early as three years old. Children thrive in setting and achieving goals they care about.

3. What kinds of goals are not realistic?

Unrealistic goals don’t stand a chance of success. But unrealistic doesn’t mean what you think is wrong, instead, it means you don’t know what you want. If you know what you are doing, it is a realistic goal. As an example, let’s say an unrealistic goal of yours is going to mars. Why it is unrealistic? Because you don’t know how you are going to do it, you have no knowledge, resources, or a plan on how you are going to do it.

4.Why do people set goals?

People set goals because goals give them a motivation to work hard. I think the main reason why goals are important is because they help you to stay on track. So, you are less likely to get lost in the world of troubles because your aim is onto your goal and you tend to forget about everything because the entire focus is on achieving the goal.

5.What would you feel if you couldn’t achieve your goal?

If I failed because of external circumstances, I’d feel disappointed, acknowledge there was nothing I could have done, try to figure out what went wrong, do it again or move on. If I failed because I did not work hard enough or make the right decisions, I’d be very disappointed and angry with myself, then I would calm down and examine my mistakes and do it again or apply my newfound wisdom elsewhere.