Talk about a toy you liked in your childhood | Cue Card

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– What was the toy
– Who gave it to you
How often did you play it with?

Toys are extremely precious for children and they are possessive about their favorite ones. As a child, I was lucky enough to have quite a few of them but there was one which I absolutely adored. It was teddy bear and my mother gifted on my 6th birthday. When I got this toy, I jumped for joy and paid no attention to my other presents.

I remember that, I spent a lot of time with my teddy bear and to be honest, at that time, nobody in my area was having this sort of toy. It was so different from other stuffed bears. It was so much more fluffy and it was huge.

Also, the colour, well I was in love with that bear. He was just like a friend I would talk to and have fun with. There have been endless stories that I have shared with him. And then he has been there when I used to cry.

There were so many days I had a fight with my mother or my brother and when nothing worked out, I used to simply go out and vent my anger into the bear. Apart from it, me and my friends used to bring their teddy bears along with them and we used to have fun laughing and fighting with or dressing up our bears.

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I think the one reason I was in love with the teddy bear was because there were no fears with it, no chance of any scolding. It could keep all my secrets and I could just carry on with life, enjoying every bit of it.

In conclusion, I would like to say that toy was first of my friends in my childhood. Being an introvert, I shared my thoughts with my soft toys and animals. As it was gifted by my mother, it held a special place in my life. Though I’ve donated most of my childhood possessions, I’ve kept this one as it makes me feel nostalgic every time, I look at it.

 Follow ups

1. What is the difference between girls’ and boys’ toys?

We found that girls’ toys were associated with physical attractiveness, nurturing, and domestic skill, whereas boys’ toys were rated as violent, competitive, exciting, and somewhat dangerous. Boys had more “spatial–temporal” toys (shape sorting toys, clocks, magnets, outer-space toys) they also had more sports equipment (balls, skates, kites), toy animals, garages or depots, machines, military toys, and educational and art materials. Girls’ rooms contained more dolls, doll houses, and domestic items (sinks, dishes, stoves). Boys almost never had domestic toys

2.Do you think toys really help in children’s development?

Educational toys can help develop problem solving skills, teach about conflict resolution and how cause and effect work. It also teaches children about sharing, helps develop their fine and gross motor skills and nurtures their creativity and imagination.

3.Does modern technology have an influence on children’s toys?

Yes, modern technology has a big influence on toys. Both the type of toys available and the children’s preferences for toys have changed over time. Today robots, app-controlled cars are more popular. Board games are becoming less and less popular.

4.which do you think is better, for children to play with toy alone or with other kids?

It is definitely better for children to play with other kids. They learn caring and sharing and many other social skills when they play with others.

5.How are toys today different to toys of the past?

There are many differences between toys from the past and present. … Modern toys are usually made from plastic, nylon or foam and are mostly produced in factories. Toys from the past were often unsafe as some were made with sharp edges and from unsafe materials.