Describe an occasion when you ate a kind of food for the first time | Cue Card

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When you had it

Where you ate it

What it was

And how you felt about it?

I think maybe the first time I tried foreign food was an occasion when my parents took me to a restaurant with some friends of theirs.
So, I guess I must have been around 16 or 17years old at the time. It was an authentic Chinese restaurant in the city because my parents’ friends where a Chinese family and they were celebrating a special occasion.
It was quite different from what I was used to and it’s an experience I still remember vividly to this day.
One of the strangest things for me was the number of different dishes that were served during the meal.
The first course was a soup which had chicken and some vegetables in it and I remember it tasted so different from anything else I had eaten before. But I like it.
Then there were various other dishes which were served, some spring rolls, honey chilli potato pastas and at the end of the meal some kind of dessert which was really sticky and sweet.
I was fascinated by it. It was all totally different for me but I loved it all and I learned how to use chopsticks to eat the food because one of the other kids there, the daughter of my parent’s friends showed me how to use them.
It wasn’t easy at first but I soon got the hang of using them. It made the whole meal even more interesting and exciting.
At first I thought I might not like it, simply because I had never had Chinese food before but I loved it and the whole experience was amazing.

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Obviously, since then I’ve tried many more types of foreign food, and had a lot more Chinese food also; it’s become one of my all-time favorites but back then it really was a new experience for me.
I’ve even learned how to cook some of the dishes because my mother’s friend gave her some of their family’s recipes so we learned how to cook them together.


1.Do you like to try new food?

Yes, I do like to try new food because change is always excites me, even though, I never get bored of having our Indian dishes. A couple months ago, I tried Indian food for the first time. Even though I don’t really like spicy food, the flavors in Indian food… The mixture of the spices made for an amazing taste, even if I couldn’t finish the whole thing.

2.what kinds of popular food are popular in your country?

In India people have a vast variety of tastes. But, overall, people prefer street foods. Such foods evoke strong reaction in the brain and in taste, therefore these are established as the best in our minds. Today, street foods like, Gol Gappa, Momo’s, Cowmen, etc. rule the roost. Moreover, its pricing makes it easy to access for all.

3.Do you like to cook at home?

Unfortunately, it’s not my cup of tea. I don’t like the idea of spending so much time in the messy kitchen- preparing various kinds of ingredients, cutting veggies and right after I have to wash pots or completely tidy up the mess. I just don’t like that, I am just a food lover and no desire to learn how to cook.

4.Is it expensive to eat out in your country?

I usually avoid eating outside and prefer to eat homemade food. Homemade food items have better taste, superior food values and I enjoy my dinner with my family members more than eating in a restaurant because restaurant foods are quite expensive in my country.

5. What is the difference between Indian food and western food?

Indian food is spicier than western food. It is cooked in oil or ghee, which makes it heavier calorie wise. Western food does not have so much diversity. Apart from it, Meat is the staple ingredient that western people are fond to eat and are mostly omnivore in nature whereas Indian people are vegetarian.