Ielts Speaking part 1 Topic- Stages of life

Ielts Speaking part 1 | Topic- Stages of life | Latest Topic | 8 Band sample

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1. Do you enjoy your current stage of your life?

Yes, sure, I do as I believe it’s the perfect time in my life to pursue my passion. Moreover, I am surrounded by a very loving family and I have a freedom to do anything. This is because my life is full of surprises.

2. In which stage of your life were you the happiest?

I believe it’s my teenagers’ life as its the point when I was extremely curious about the world. Apart from that, it’s also the time when I met with my true friends.

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3.Which stage of your life do you think is most important?

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I think it was my childhood not only because it plays crucial point in my growth and well being but also, because of it I become emotionally and mentally mature now.

4.What’s your plan for your next stage of life?

My plan is related to achieving my goals because I have been working around the clock to achieve them because I really want to have a settled life as well as piece of mind that everything in their proper place.