IELTS Reading tips 2021

IELTS Reading tips 2021 | Top 10 Tips
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1. Know the questions and read the questions
spend 30 seconds
Fill ups, True, False, Not Given
Take look at the questions then find location and read questions.
eh bahut help karega
2.Don’t re-read
skim and move on
Read every single line not re-read.
Don’t worry if you don’t know about particular word.
3. Always read the instructions. Don’t cross the word limit.
4. Don’t confuse.
T/F/NG  (General facts)
Y/N/NG (Author thoughts)
5. Remember to check for spellings.
6. Not sure?
Mark and move on.
because easy questions nal tuc score le sakde ho ik te time waste
7.Work on your weakness. practice alot
8. Give yourself confidence boost.
1st passage 15 mins
9.underline location if confusion.
10. Practice with the official material only.
11. Finish atleast 5 full test before test day.