IELTS Vocabulary Band 9

ielts vocabulary band 9 | ielts Writing vocabulary
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1. Menace – threat, danger, peril

For example,

Today, air pollution has become one of the gravest menaces for mankind.

2. Leaps and bounds – fast progress

Technology is flourishing leaps and bounds and undoubtedly this advancement is taking a toll on traditional values.

3.Raging debate -active debate

4.Whether – expressing a doubt or choice between alternatives.

There has always been a raging debate whether art is an important subject for children in schools or it can be neglected in the views of other important subjects.

5. Lavish people, Destitute people, Luxurious lifestyle

Undoubtedly, it goes without saying the lavish people are living a luxurious lifestyle while the destitute individuals are being suffered from poverty.