Describe a law on environmental protection cue card

Describe a law on environmental protection Cue Card | May to August 2021 | 8 Band Sample

Describe a law on environmental protection Cue Card
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What it is?

How do you know this law?

Who benefits from it?

and explain how you feel about this law.

Nowadays, environmental issues are rising day by day at an alarming rate and it has become a huge concern worldwide.

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Different laws are imposed by the government for the well-being of society. There is already a multitude of laws such as a ban on smoking in public places, wearing a helmet while riding a two-wheeler, and cutting trees. Here, I am going to talk about a law against deforestation.

 I came to know about this law from the internet when I was surfing on the internet. Then I read human activities are first and only the cause of environmental pollution of any form.

This law is not only beneficial for people but also good for other creatures. There is no denying fact that the cutting of trees and forests has adversely affected our surroundings. The most known consequence of deforestation is its threat to biodiversity. From mammals to birds, insects, plants, the forest is home to many rare and fragile species.80% of the Earth’s land animals and plants live in forests.

Due to deforestation, numerous animal species are on the endangered list because trees also feeding animals with their fruits while providing them with the food and shelter they need to survive

Moreover, due to the lack of trees, pollution has increased considerably, as trees provide shade and colder temperatures for animals and smaller trees or vegetation which may not survive with the heat of direct sunlight. To tackle these issues, a ban on cutting trees is a wise idea.

However, there are some people who do not obey the rules which is not a good thing so authorities need to put more restrictions. Government should impose heavy penalties for those people who do not obey this rule.

Describe a law on environmental protection Cue Card | May to August 2021 | 8 Band Sample


1. Do you think this law is acceptable to the people?

Yes, I think many people obey this law but there are few reckless people who do not accept this law. According to me, every person must accept this law because it is fruitful for them.

2.Is there any situation when people disobey the law?

Yes, there are some circumstances when masses disobey the rules. For example, sometimes it is acceptable to break the law  when doing so provides for the safety or welfare of self or others.

3.Do people like being a police officer in your country?

Yes, In my country people love to do police jobs because they want to serve the nation. Moreover, Some people do this job because according to them this is a rewarding job.

4.What qualities should a police officer possess?

There are multifarious qualities a police officer should have. Some of the most important qualities that a police officer must possess include, he should be physically fit, critical thinking, problem-solving skills, communication skills, Interpersonal skills, Strong moral character and devotion to community.

5.Why some people prefer to be lawyer?

I think the profession of lawyer is regarded as well paid, and they want to earn a lot of money. In addition to this, some people have keenly interested in this field. some people want to be lawyer to help other people.

6. Should people be penalized when they use mobile phones while driving?

Yes because, Using a mobile phone while driving is very dangerous. Physically holding a handset removes one hand from the controls, making accidents more likely, while dialing is even worse, as it also requires the user to divert their attention away from the road.