Use formal words to get 7 plus score in writing

1. A couple of – several
2. Lots of / a lot of – Many, much
3. Kids – Children
5.You, your – one
for example- you can clearly see the results (wrong)
one can clearly see the results.
6. In a nutshell – In conclusion, To conclude
7. A phone – A telephone
A photo – A photograph
A fridge – A refrigerator
Info – Information
8.So on/ Etc
Public transport in London includes Tube, buses, trains and so on. (For 5 or 6 band)
Public transport in London includes Tube, buses and trains.
9.Try to avoid very simple words.
Get – obtain/ receive
so/ very – extremely
To show – figures illustrate/ reveal
Bad – Negative
Big – large, sizeable
Think about – consider
Look at – Examine