IELTS Speaking actual test 2021

Speaking actual test 2021 | ielts speaking Recent test 2021 with answers

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Part 1 (Interview)

1.– What is your full name?

My first name is  Rupinder and my family name is Chahal and Please just call me Rupinder.

2. Can I see your passport?

Of course, here you go.

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 3.Where do you come from?

I hail from northern part of India.

4. Do you work or are you a student?

5.Where do you live now?

Actually, I live in place name. It is a small town . Basically, it is located near a big city…… but it is not as biggest as …….. Yet, it is interesting place to live. All amenities are available here.

6. Describe your hometown?

My hometown is a small city. It is both traditional and modern because of having several festivals celebrated by the locals, and at the same time it is starting to be developed with increasing number of infrastructures and establishments.

7. What do you like or dislike about your hometown?

Yes, I do like my hometown! I like the hospitality of people in my hometown. Also, everyone was willing to give others a hand when they needed help. Personally, it’s a bit boring for me because as a small town, there isn’t a shopping mall or any other means of entertainment. The streets don’t get very crowded as well. However, I believe that it is improving day by day and turning into a potential hotspot due to the increasing number of annual visitors.

8. Do you like listening to music?

Often, I listen to music whenever I am feeling bored or low. I have my different playlists made that help me to get into a particular mood whenever I feel low. Also, I like listening to music when I am travelling. It becomes lot more fun when you are travelling and there is a travel song going on.

9.What type of music do you listen to?

I have a diverse taste in music, but I’ll say my favorites are modern pop, and hip-hop of all ages. I can always sing along to pop songs and I enjoy keeping up with the modern hits. It takes me back to my childhood and makes me feel so nostalgic.

10.Where and when do you listen to it?

I listen to music whenever i am sad it helps me during tough times.

I listen to music whenever i am too stressed it helps me to take my mind off from irrelevant things. I listen to music whenever i am happy it makes me more happy. Furthermore, I listen to music when i am in a party with my family and friends it helps me to enjoy those moments more and more.


Music is a part of my life and I can’t imagine if the world doesn’t have music. It’s awful. I usually listen to music in my free time and also my work time. It not only helps me focus on my task but also helps me relax well.

11. What music do young people in your country like?

Young people in my culture these days usually like to listen to any kind of music which has a strong beat and “not-so” traditional lyrics. This types of music may include hard rock, pop, raps and other types whichever may appeal to their young and “restless” minds. 

Part 2 (Cue Card)

Describe a celebration you had after some achievement. Please say

– What was the achievement?
– How did you celebrate it?
– Who did you celebrate it with?

Well, it’s quite a natural thing that being human whenever achieve something important in life. We really want to celebrate success and share happiness with other.
Here, I would like to share a similar experience that I had when my 10+2 result got declared.

The fact is that, after completing my 10th. I wanted to choose non-medical for further study. Since I was really good at science. However, I was performing badly in mathematics.

Because of this reason, most of my teacher and my friends suggested me to opt for something else like medical or commerce because they were saying that it is not your cup of tea. But, I was adamant to choose non-medical. 

Since it has lots of future prospects and I wanted to study it. At that time my father suggested to me that you must choose non-medical as it is your dream because with hard work and persuade we can achieve anything in life. I took his advice and started to burn the midnight lamp. My father arranged extra mathematics classes for me and I started to spend hours in libraries practising maths and maths.  

Day by day, I was improving in this subject and when my board result was declared.
I was on cloud nine, I cannot really express how happy I was to see my scores in mathematics. 

I achieved the highest score in this subject and to celebrate this achievement my father organized the party. He invited all the near and dear ones especially, those who were discouraging me from choose mathematics. In fact, my achievement was also celebrated by my school. 

I was honored in front of the entire school on the stage, where my parents were also invited and my father feeling proud on me. 
Overall, this is what I achieved with hard work and perseverance that’s the reason why I celebrated it.

Part 3 (Discussion)

1. Do you tell your friends about your achievements?

Definitely yes, I always share my thick and thin situation with my friends because I am social person. My friends are very supportive they assist me in my difficult situations. For example, last month , I shared my success with friends when I completed my target and got reward, they were very happy for me.

2. How do youngsters celebrate their birthdays?

Birthdays are a big deal in my country! Youngsters usually have some sort of gathering with their immediate family – typically a meal together at the birthday boy or birthday girl’s restaurant of choice for adults. Apart from this, they  normally go out with drinks for an evening on the town or have a get together with drinks involved at home. Young people tend to take their friends to a food joint and enjoy themselves.

3. Do older people celebrate in the same way?

Birthday means complete excitement for young while it is complete serenity for old. Young people loves to make fun, dancing and party on birthday while old people loves to have quality family time or a religious trip! Young people celebrate it more for their happiness while old people celebrate it for others’ happiness in the family.

4.How are festivals celebrated in your country?

Festivals are truly the time when people do come back home and celebrate with their family and friends. People dress up according to the occasion and cook delicious food, invite friends and have a family time. Almost all festival in our country start with a puja, i.e. prayers to God after which the gatherings take place.

5. Why is it important for sports fans to celebrate when their favorite team wins?

Sports has influenced people so much that they are emotionally bonded to their favourite teams. So they feel that the team’s victory is their victory. Also, people watch sports programs as a group. They get thrilled by cheering and celebrating together.