Describe a cafe you like to visit | Latest Cue Card with Vocab | Sep-Dec 2021

Describe a cafe you like to visit
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Where it is

What kinds of food and drinks it serves

What do you do there

And explain why you like to go there?

The fast pace of modern life in the city can be too much for an introvert (someone who prefers to be quiet and spend time alone rather than speak with people often) like myself and I sometimes desire some time to retire into my shell ( to spend some time alone) and take a little retreat (to go to a quiet place to escape from something).
Fortunately, I found the perfect place called “café coffee day” which I am going to share with you right now. It is a small and cozy café within walking distance from my house.
One bonus point is that the coffee there is second to none (as good as or better than all others) which caters to my unique tastes! The foods are really scrumptious (very delicious), giving me great refreshing energy when suffering from fatigue and stress (a feeling of being extremely tired, either physically or mentally) I have to admit.
 I can increase my concentration span while reading a book or other materials and finish work with great productivity, compared to when I’m at home, surrounded by many disturbances like babies crying and neighbors arguing.
Despite being popular, the coffee shop’s still able to manage a quiet and soft atmosphere. The setting is perfect with relaxing music, and the staff are really well-trained and cater to the guests’ needs quite well. Also, other guests, there are usually really quite respectful and generally don’t disturb other people by talking or laughing too loudly. I always recommend it to my friends who need a break from the busy city life.


1.What kind of people would like to go to a café?

Many introverts like being or working alone with other people. The coffee shop offers a uniquely calm atmosphere where people can gather with family and friends to catch up over a coffee or enjoy a relaxed lunch.

2. Why do young people like studying in a café instead of at home?

The trend of studying or working in a coffeehouse is widespread among white-collar workers, young professionals, and students. The trend is likely to have originated due to the need for more flexible working environments as a result of a new generation of businesses that did not own office space. The phenomenon also developed because of a lack of study spaces in houses.

3. Do old people like to drink coffee?

In my country, traditionally, tea is much more popular than coffee. Most seniors like drinking tea because it helps them to feel rejuvenated. Tea can actually be called the national drink of India. Drinking coffee is becoming a trendy kind of thing nowadays, especially for younger people.

4.Do Indian people like to drink coffee?

 I would say that Indians like both tea and coffee. People who often burn the midnight oil to meet the deadlines would prefer coffee, while those who want to be in the perfect shape would choose tea.