Describe something you taught to your friend or relative Cue Card

Describe something you taught to your friend or relative
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What you taught him/her?

When it was?

How long it was for?

And explain how you felt about it?


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1. amazing

2. pedagogical experts

3. bosom friend

4. impose

5. stringent

6. miracle

7. prudently

8. mouth- watering delicacies

9. tremendous

10. leaps and bounds

11. immense knowledge

12. deteriorate

well, sharing is caring. Sharing knowledge is the most amazing thing in the world. It is always good to exchange important lessons with near and dear ones.  We learn many things from our parents, siblings, cousins, and pedagogical experts. Whatever I know well and have expertise in, I love to teach my close ones.

Recently, I shared my skill with my bosom friend which led to a paradigm shift in his life.

I taught him to cook food. A couple of years ago, I was totally free as the administration imposed a stringent lockdown in my nation due to corona pandemic during that time, one of my friends, who is also my neighbor approached me to learn cooking.

Since I had a lot of free time, I used it prudently by teaching the skill of cooking to him. My training lasted for one month. During that time, I focused on Indian, Chinese, and Italian food. Initially, my friend found it challenging but I told him to practice with determination, dedication, and discipline.

My training worked like a miracle, he became an excellent cook who could make mouth-watering delicacies with tremendous ease in one month.

The experience was good because that helped me to gain confidence in teaching, after imparting the training, I started posting my cooking videos on youtube and my channel has grown by leaps and bounds. Moreover, my training has helped my friend to enjoy home-cooked meals.


1.   What are things that young people can teach old people to do?

According to my perspective, the young generation has immense knowledge regarding technology. Therefore, young ones can assist older people to use various mobile features like Google pay, online shopping, google Maps, and many more.

2.   Why do older people have problems learning new things?

I think that as a person gets older, changes occur in all parts of the body, including the brain which shrinks, especially those which are important to learn new things and other mental activities. Apart from this, their memory deteriorates with time and people start to forget things.

3.   Do you think showing is a better way than telling during education?

Surely, one can learn things quickly by watching pictures and videos. The reason behind it is that our visual memory is far better. That’s why nowadays schools and institutions are teaching students with the help of projectors, and smart TVs. Moreover, some concepts can be misunderstood by telling.

4.   Do you think constant training is important for people to study something?

Surely yes, Constant training and practice can be important for people to maintain and improve their skills in a particular subject or field. Regular exposure to new information, techniques, and challenges can help to keep the mind active and engaged. Additionally, constant training can help to improve their grasping power.