Describe a new store/shop in your town/city Cue Card

4. Describe a new store/shop in your town/city.
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Where is it?

What is sold there?

Who goes there?


  1. Booming
  2. Pocket friendly
  3. Just stone throw away
  4. On seventh heaven
  5. Shopaholic person
  6. At a steal
  7. Affluent
  8. Opt

Well, in this day and age many retail stores are opening as the demand of goods is booming . Some of them are pocket friendly while others are expensive.

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Here , I would like to talk about a department store which is opened recently in my locality and just stone throw away from my residential area . Name of the store is D-Mart and it is situated outside the city of ….. ,  just 10 km away from my house.

I came to know about it a couple of months ago when I saw it’s advertisement in the well known newspaper . I was on seventh heaven as there was no such shopping centre in my area before. I am a shopaholic person so I was very excited to visit the store . I went there  with my bosom buddies . We noticed that the items was at a steal . Overall , our experience was up to the mark.

If I talk about the selling products then there is variety of goods such as grocery items ,attires ,stationary, daily essentials and many more . It consists of two floors .The whole store is fully air conditioned . Moreover, it has large parking area for automobiles.  Apart from this , the staff is very cooperative as well as helpful .

Moreover , the store is pocket friendly. Consequently,  nowadays it become a shopping hub not only for middle class but also for affluent families .A number of consumers visit it on regular basis to avail large (huge \ extraordinary) discounts.


  1. What is the difference between small stores and big stores?

 I opine that there are many differences between small and big shopping centres . First and the foremost  is that in big departmental stores huge discount offers and available as compared to small ones . Apartment from this , in large stores products from all the brands are available , while  small stores sell the limited brands .

2. how does price and quality affect consumer behaviour?

In today’s world price and quality become the pivotal components that influence the consumer ‘s behaviour . They have to make choices between price and quantity and consider which component is more important for them .If they give preference to budget then customers search for the good quality products at accessible (affordable) rates . On the flip side, If  they give priority to quality then they may have to suffer from high cost of product.

3. why is cheap fashion popular?

According to my perspective , people do not like to spend large amount of money on certain items . The main leading reason behind this phenomenon is that they have recognised the factor that fashion changes with each passing day . If they purchase accessible products then they can keep themselves up with latest fashion .As a result , they opted  cheap fashion.