Describe a book that you have read many times Cue Card

Describe a book that you have read many times Cue Card
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When you read it for the first time

What kind of book it is

what the book is about

And explain why you like read it again.

  • 1. kicked the bucket – die 
  • 2. like a bear with sore head  bad mood
  • 3. fond of 
  • 4. Ardent habit 
  • 5. Enhance
  • 6. glad
  • 7. afraid 
  • 8. furious extremely angry

Well, I am fond of reading books and I have an ardent habit of reading different books at night before going to bed. Here, I would like to talk about one of my favourite book that I read recently and want to read again . It is none other than ‘Amritsar 1984’ 

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After completing my senior secondary education, I found this book on the internet and thought of buying it.

The book depicts information about the history of Punjab which gives information about what had happened with Sikh community ; even by reading such sort of books, people can enhance their knowledge regarding these events.

On the very first day, when I started reading the book, it had put a keen interest of mine to go further with reading due to the reason it informed about how Indra Gandhi , the first woman president kicked the bucket . As she killed by Sikhs as she wanted only Hinduism in India and announced only Punjab as state of Sikhs rather than other states of Punjab.

Many people wearing turbans were badly murdered in Delhi at that time. But the best thing was that the Sikhs did not afraid . Moreover, all the Sikh community was furious to see the back of the president, who did partiality between the religions.

Additionally, the main reason that why the Sikhs made her the target was ,she attacked on Golden temple commonly known as “SHRI HARIMANDIR SAHIB”

After this attack, the community was like a bear with sore head and started planning to kill her with gunshots.

When the water went over their heads, they went to her rally and when she was delivering the speech, she was shot in the public.

I felt both sad and proud after reading the struggles as during that incident many innocent Sikhs were killed , on the same hand they did not give up and fought for their culture and the religion.


1. Do you prefer books or movies?

To be honest, I prefer watching movies in comparison of reading books as we can learn the story by seeing it visually. We can always see the action or the scene practically despite reading theoretically.

2. Do you think it is important to read the book before watching the movie version of it?

According to me, it depends from person to person, some individuals prefer watching first rather than reading, whereas others claim that the reading must be done before watching the movie versions of it.

3. Do boys and girls like the same kinds of books?

From my perspective, it’s the choice of the young ones. But there is some difference that girls love to watch/ read fairy tales, or love stories whereas boys are mostly interested in action books, adventure, and so on.

4. What kind of books do Indian people like to read?

As per my standpoint, there are numerous books such as older ones prefer reading religious books. While younger ones prefer reading the modern books that include life stories, books that are related to the movies.