Describe an activity that made you feel tired cue Card

Describe an activity that made you feel tired
Describe an activity that made you feel tired
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When and where it took place

Why you took part in it

What the activity was

And explain why it made you feel tired


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3.Couch potato



6.Persistently urging

7. significant



10.Mental endurance



13.Over the moon

In today’s fast-paced era, individuals are engaged in a multitude of activities. I would like to discuss an activity that left me feeling tired. This particular experience occurred a few years ago when I decided to make a significant change in my lifestyle. It happened in my hometown, where I had spent most of my time as a couch potato, avoiding exercise and indulging in excessive television watching. The reason I took part in this activity was the realization that my obesity problem was escalating, and my parents and friends had been persistently urging me to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

I decided to start running every day to lose weight and feel better. Initially, it was a daunting challenge, because I was pretty lazy. I started by running a distance of approximately 3 kilometers each day. Running over such a distance demanded not only physical strength but also mental endurance. In the beginning, I got fatigued easily, and it was hard.

The primary reason this activity made me feel tired was the continuous physical effort it required over an extended period. Running places substantial strain on the body, depleting energy reserves and leading to fatigue. However, with time, I adapted to this routine, and my body became more used to the physical demands of running.

Ultimately, my hard work paid off, as I managed to reduce 10 kilograms of weight, a significant accomplishment that isn’t easy for everyone. I became fitter and healthier, receiving praise from friends and family for my dedication. The sense of achievement left me over the moon, and I realized that taking on challenging activities, even if they initially make you feel tired, can lead to positive transformations in one’s life.

Follow – ups

Does studying and learning make people tired today?

Studying and learning can indeed make people tired, especially when they engage in prolonged or mentally challenging tasks. The cognitive effort and concentration required during learning can lead to mental fatigue over time.

When do people usually feel tired?

People usually feel tired when they’ve been busy or active during the day, especially in the evening or at night when it’s time to rest. For instance, after a full day of meetings and deadlines at the office, or after attending classes and studying for exams, people often experience fatigue in the evening when they return home and unwind.

 What do you think about striving for learning and striving for sports?

From my perspective, Striving for learning can enhance one’s mental abilities, while striving for sports can contribute to physical health and strength. Combining both can lead to a well-rounded and balanced lifestyle.

Do people have fewer holidays now than in the past?

The number of holidays people have now compared to the past can vary significantly depending on the region and industry. In some cases, due to changes in work patterns and increased demands, some individuals may indeed have fewer holidays today than in previous decades.

What are the differences between feeling tired after studying  and after exercising?

Feeling tired after studying is like our brain needing a break because it’s been working hard, while feeling tired after exercising is like our body needing rest because it’s been physically active. One is mental tiredness, and the other is physical tiredness, but they both mean our body needs some recovery time.

How can people solve the problem that old people easily get tired?

To help older people who get tired easily, it’s important to encourage them to stay physically active with gentle exercises and to ensure they get enough rest through regular, quality sleep. Additionally, maintaining a balanced diet and staying socially engaged can also contribute to reducing tiredness in older individuals.