Describe a bad service you received in a restaurant shop cue Card

14. Describe a bad service you received in a restaurant/shop
14. Describe a bad service you received in a restaurant/shop
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When and where it happened

What happened

How it was solved

And explain how you felt about the experience


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Subpar or inferior






All that glitters is not gold

I consider myself a foodie person  who enjoys exploring a variety of cuisines. Over the years, I have dined at numerous restaurants and cafes, and while most of my experiences have been delightful, there have been occasions when I encountered subpar or inferior or poor service. Today, I would like to recount one such unfortunate experience at a restaurant.

The past weekend, I made a decision to dine at a newly opened Chinese restaurant in the center of my hometown.  When I visited there with my friends the outer look of restaurant was amazing but inside it was not as much neat and clean as we expected.

Initially, we requested the waiter to clean our table. After a short while, the waiter returned, cleared our table, and took our orders. My friends and I decided to try the mushroom pasta because it was a unique dish we hadn’t tasted before. I also made sure to let the waiter know that I preferred less spicy food, asking him kindly to make it milder or less spicy.

Furthermore, after 30-minutes wait, our mushroom pasta was finally served, but we were disappointed by its unimpressive and unappealing presentation. Apart from this ,the restaurant’s service wasn’t good either because the staff didn’t seem eager to assist or work together with us. My disappointment reached its peak when I took a bite of the dish and found it excessively spicy. I felt disappointed because I had clearly asked for the food to be less spicy when I placed my order.

  After all these incidents, I spoke with the restaurant manager. He addressed our concerns by instructing the staff to prepare a less spicy version of the dish for us. However, when the revised food arrived, it still didn’t meet our expectations in terms of taste and quality. Ultimately, we settled the bill and left the restaurant. After coming outside one of my friends said that this restaurant is like’ all that glitters is not gold ‘. So that is my experience when I received a bad service from a restaurant.

Follow- ups

 1. How do most people respond to bad services?

People’s responses to bad services vary based on their nature; some may politely stay silent, while others may express their unhappiness to the service provider. In the digital age, many also choose to leave online reviews to inform others about their experiences with the establishment.

2. Do you think services are better now than in the past?

 Without a doubt, services today are generally considered to be better than they were in the past, thanks to advancements in technology and higher standards. In this modern era, services are faster and more convenient compared to the past, where customers often had to endure longer waiting times.

3. What kind of services are bad services?

Bad services are those that leave customers unsatisfied due to poor quality or unmet expectations. For example, in a restaurant, if customers receive poorly presented or unpleasant-tasting food that doesn’t match their expectations, it’s considered bad service.

4. Why do some people choose to remain silent when they receive bad services?

The choice to remain silent when receiving bad service varies from person to person. Some individuals prefer not to engage in  arguments, viewing them as a waste of time and energy. They believe that maintaining silence is often the best way to avoid unnecessary conflict.

5. Who should be responsible for bad services?

In my view, the responsibility for good or bad service primarily falls on the service provider because it’s their duty to ensure customers are satisfied. Additionally, they should aim to handle customer concerns or issues in a constructive manner to improve the overall service quality.

6. As a boss, what would you do to prevent bad services?

As a boss, I would implement several measures to prevent bad services. Firstly, I would ensure that all aspects of the operation are well-organized and maintained to minimize the likelihood of errors. Additionally, I would closely monitor my staff to ensure they are performing their duties effectively and professionally. Also, I will train them to be polite with the customers.