Describe a Foreigner who speaks your native language very well Cue Card

Describe a Foreigner who speaks your native language very well
Describe a Foreigner who speaks your native language very well
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Who this person is

Where he/she from

How he or she learns language

And explain why he speak your native language very well


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Piece of cake











Learning a new language isn’t a piece of cake, but with determination and regular practice, anyone can master it. Today, I want to share the story of a foreigner who has a remarkable command of Punjabi. Her name is Abbey, and she’s a renowned vlogger. Basically, she hails from Scotland, where she was born and raised. Now she resides in New Zealand.

Her life took an interesting turn when she married a Punjabi man.Together, they embarked on a mission to promote Punjabi language and culture through their vlogging adventures. As for me, I love delving into social media because it not only expands my knowledge but also keeps me informed about global happenings.

When I first came across Abbey’s YouTube video, I was amazed by how well she spoke Punjabi. It really surprised me, and I was so impressed that I decided to follow her on all the social media sites. Her Punjabi was so good that it felt like she had been raised in Punjab. As I kept watching more of her videos, I found out how she got interested in Punjabi language and culture. Her story was quite fascinating.

It all began after her marriage when her husband introduced her to Punjabi language and Pollywood movies. He used to translate for her, helping her grasp the essence of the movies. This experience made her really understand Punjabi better and also made her really like it. So, she decided to take Punjabi classes to get even better at it. Because she worked hard and practiced a lot, she became really good at speaking Punjabi.

In my eyes, she is a true inspiration, proving that with hard work and genuine interest, we can accomplish anything we set our minds to. She stands out as the epitome of someone who speaks Punjabi flawlessly.

Follow Up Questions

1. What foreign languages do Indian children learn?

In India, children often learn a variety of foreign languages. English is very common because it’s widely used for work and education. Additionally, some people choose to learn languages like German, French, Spanish, and more. They believe these languages can be very helpful for communication with people from other countries.

2. Why do Indian children learn English?

Indian children learn English for several important reasons. Firstly, English is a global language spoken all over the world, making it very useful. It opens up many opportunities. In India, it’s the primary language used for teaching in schools, colleges, and universities, so learning it is necessary. Additionally, English allows to communicate with big audience.

3. Why are so many people learning English?

Many people are learning English these days because it’s become a trend to learn different languages. Some want to become multilingual, which means they can speak multiple languages. Additionally, many believe that learning English helps them with their studies. Moreover, lots of multinational companies around the world expect their employees to have good English skills, so more and more people are learning English to meet these job requirements.

4. How can you help children learn English?

I can help kids learn English by giving them activities and explanations that match how old they are and how much they know about the language. This way, it’s easier for them to understand and learn. Additionally, I can offer guidance on pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar to help them develop their English language skills effectively.

 5. Do you think the way people learn English today is the same as in the past?

 I agree that some ways of learning English are still the same, like learning it in school. However, there have been changes because nowadays, many people prefer online classes as they find them more convenient. Some also take extra language classes, and some watch foreign movies with subtitles to improve their English skills.

6. What are the benefits of the Internet for people’s learning?

The Internet has brought significant benefits to people’s learning. It offers many opportunities for self-learning, allowing individuals to access information anytime and anywhere. Moreover, it has made language learning more affordable as there is a wealth of free content available online, reducing the reliance on traditional teachers.