IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic Ice cream

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic Ice cream | May to August 2023 cue Card
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  • Do you love ice cream?

Definitely yes, as I have a sweet tooth so whenever I  have craving about something cold and refreshing that time I eat ice cream.

  • Did you often eat ice cream when you were younger?

As I earlier told I am ice cream lover so yes ice cream was my regular diet of childhood but I ate homemade ice creams that my mother prepared for me.

  • Are there shops selling ice cream near the place where you live?

Of course, I live in the area where all the facilities are available like shops and all the things are sold by shopkeepers either it is ice cream or any other sorts of things.

  • Can you make ice cream  yourself?

yes definitely, I can make ice cream by my own, actually, it is oreo ice cream it requires only milk, sugar, oreo biscuits  and some dry fruits. Also, it is quite easy to make this ice cream.