Describe a development in your country like shopping centre, park etc Cue card

Describe a development in your country like shopping centre, park etcetera
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What is the development?

When you heard about it?

How did it influence you?


1. Quite

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2. Administration

3. No stone unturned

4. Amenities

5. Inaugurate

6. over the moon

7. nothing to speak ill

8. not up to the mark

I think developments in the infrastructure are quite essential for the progress of a nation. In the modern era, the administration of various cities is leaving no stone unturned to develop their respective areas.


From my childhood to this present time, I have seen many developments in my nation. Although some of them were not up to the mark, but majority of them were very helpful to people because of great amenities.

However, here I would like to talk about a development which is recently introduced by the government that is none other than free education in smart schools.

I vividly remember, last month I was reading the newspaper with my father and he told me the chief minister of Delhi Mr. Arvind Kejriwal inaugurated the number of smart schools in different  cities and villages with free education. I was over the moon after reading this news because due to wide range of fees structure, it is not possible for poor families to give education to their children.

When it comes to the question what I felt about that news. To be very honest, I have nothing to speak ill about that even I can say that news is not only helpful for poor people but also improve the literacy rate of the country.

All in All, this is a development that really influences me.


1.         Describe the development in your country in past and the present era?

  According to my knowledge, there is a vast difference between the development of the previous and present eras. If I talk about ancient time, facilities like transportation, and the internet was not available and lots of people used to go anywhere by bicycle but now the table has turned, nowadays these kinds of amenities are increasing by leaps and bounds.

2.         What kinds of developments are undergoing in your country in this modern era?

Speaking honestly, in the fast-paced era many kinds of occurrences are undergoing in my nation such as broad network access, metro electronic trains, and many more. Due to these developments, people save crucial time and increase the efficiency of work.

3.         Are you living in a developed or developing country?

 Honestly speaking, I am living in a developing country, where so many facilities are available such as smart schools, good hospitals and infrastructure, and job opportunities that improve the employment rate of the country.