Describe when someone gave you something you really wanted Cue Card

Describe when someone gave you something you really wanted
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Who gave it to you

What was the thing

When you received it

Why you needed it?

 How you felt about it

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Pinnacle of happiness (success)

out of joy (happiness)

over the moon

joy knew no bounds




Gifts are always exciting and the one who receives and gives both feels the pinnacle of happiness. It’s like showering love and care to our loved ones. On special occasions we exchange gifts and share happy movements. Children like toys, young people like electronics and accessories, and adults like books and jewellery.

Here I am going to talk about an Iphone that I received from my cousin who lives in Canada and works in a multinational company. He knows my love towards technology and how much I love my gadgets so whenever he gets an opportunity he gives me something electronic. This time he gave me a latest Iphone which I wanted from a long time.

It was my birthday and my parents organized a small party and a get-together as my cousin brother came back from Canada and they wanted him to meet all relatives and my birthday was the best occasion to celebrate this movement. So after cutting the cake he gave me a box and told me to open it. When I opened it, it was the latest iPhone. I hugged my brother tightly and my joy knew no bounds.

I felt over the moon and thanked my cousin for awesome gift.

Part 3 Follow Up Questions

1. What is the relationship between shopping and the economy of your country?

Shopping is a direct relationship with the economy if people shop more than money flows everywhere and this results in prosperity of jobs and business. A country receives tax and can improve other services.

2. What are the things young people like to buy?

This really depends on the person. I would say a majority of them want technology such as video games and phones because their faces are always in screens. Others want good clothing or accessories because they want to look good, which is good to a certain extent as long as they do not obsess over it.

3. How do your friends influence your shopping choice?

My friends usually influence my shopping decisions by talking about the latest trends or what they think looks good on me. Sometimes they’ll give me advice on what to buy and where to find it, and other times they’ll just tell me what they think I should avoid. I always appreciate their input because it helps me to make better choices when I’m doing shopping.

4. Is consumption important to a country?

Absolutely consumption can improve the market by many folds and open doors to many products. It improves sales and services so it is definitely beneficial to a country.

5. Why do people buy things that are not necessary?

Individuals purchase things just because they come under the influence of advertisements , their favourite celebrities are endorsing the product. Apart from this, some may purchase items on sale without considering whether they will actually useful for them or not.