Describe a piece of good news you heard from others Cue Card

Describe a piece of good news you heard from others
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What it was?

When you received this news?

How you received this news?

Why you feel it was a good news?


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Bottle neck competition

Daunting task



Seventh heaven

Over the moon

Sense of pleasure


Huge impact


Well, in this modern era, it is quite significant to stay updated with the surroundings, and news is a great way to know about what is happening around the world. In daily life, we hear various news from different sources some are good and some are not good.  Here I would like to talk about the wonderful news that I received a few months ago.

Actually, four months ago I heard a piece of good news from my sister. The news was about getting a government job by my sister. It was surely good news for me and my family as my sister was looking for a government job for two years.

She has good education background and she is the most intelligent person in my family. She applied for many jobs but owing to bottle neck competition it was daunting task for her to find great job even with good skills. She got so frustrated that she thought of giving up but this time we all family members asked her to stay calm and patient.

Four months ago when she got a job offer letter she immediately told me over the phone as I was away from town. I was on the seventh heaven at that situation. I really felt proud of my elder sister because she is the first person with in my family who got government job.  So this was a wonderful news that I heard from my sister.


1. How Do People Share Good News?

well, in this modern era, people can share the good news in different ways. For example, they can share their happiness with their friends and family members by meeting them. Moreover, they can send messages on WhatsApp as well as individuals can show their happiness by posting pictures on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

2. How does modern technology affect the delivery of information?

From my perspective modern technology have a huge impact on the delivery of information. Nowadays, mostly everyone tends to update their status on social media apps where everyone can see the latest information about various contents.

3. When do people share good news?

Well, in my country masses show their happiness when God help them in their good deeds. For instance, when children get good grades in their examinations then they share positive views with their relatives and friends. Apart from this, when someone goes to a foreign country then also relatives greet those individuals.

4.what kinds of good news have you received before?

Interestingly, last year I got my result of 12th standard in which I got 90%. At that time I felt over the moon. Moreover, my cousin’s brother also got a government job last month. So that was the news that gives me a sense of pleasure.

5. what kind of good news do people need to hear?

I think individuals like to hear good news about big achievements as well as about some beneficial amenities that government ensures to the public. People feel glad when they acquire some benefits from schemes.

6. why do people share news on social media?

In this contemporary era, the majority of individuals prefer to post the latest information on social media platforms. It has become a trend nowadays. Moreover, some people tend to share their happiness with others so they stay up to date on social media. For instance, superstars also love to post pictures to show their happiness to individuals.