Describe a website which helped you to do something / website you visit often/ use regularly Cue card

Describe a website which helped you to do something / website you visit often/ use regularly
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Which site is it?

How did you know about it?

How it helped?

Why do you visit it often?


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Pretty long

Bosom friend






In this fast-paced era technology developed a lot which has not only entertained us but also facilitate in grabbing information from different fields. I use the internet almost every day and if I make a list of useful websites, the list would be pretty long. I would like to talk about the website that I find very useful for me. 

When I was in my 8th class one of my bosom friends told me about this fabulous website he usually used this website for shopping and he also recommended me.

This website always helps me as I am a quite busy person so I do not have time for offline shopping so I prefer to shop online.  Firstly, this website saves my tonnes of time because with the help of this I can shop for anything at home there is no need to travel anywhere. Secondly, I also save money. As this website offers lucrative deals like clearance sales,  discounts, coupon codes, and so on.

Moreover, easy returns also another aid of this website. It allows easy returns and easy delivery – with almost no charges. If the size of any item or cloth is not perfect I can easily replace that product with a single click. That’s why I prefer this website often.

Follow- ups

1.   Who in your family use the site?

Interestingly, all of my family members use this site. If I talk about my parents then they tend to purchase some household items such as furniture, eatable items as well as some beauty products. Moreover, I am interested in buying fashionable clothes and accessories.

2.   Can internet help children in their study?

Yes definitely, nowadays internet plays an indispensable role in everyone’s life. In the domain of study, students can broaden the horizon of knowledge about various concepts of a subjects. For instance , in corona pandemic pupil used to attend classes on zoom app, which proved useful for them.

3.   Will the internet replace the teacher?

Definitely not, internet cannot replace the teacher. As tutor’s have their own place and importance. Although internet ensure various content regarding various topics yet only teacher can teach their students in an interesting or easiest way. Moreover, tutors know properly that where their children have lack of knowledge.

4.   Will downloading music or movies for free cause a problem?

Yes, as per my perspective it may affect the sale of music albums and movies. As music companies  have to face loss in their business. 

5.   what are reasons why people use the internet?

Undoubtedly, individuals use internet for numerous purposes . to exemplify it, children’s use internet for watching cartoons as well as for studies. If I talk about teenagers they tend to scroll internet for entertainment. They make videos on Instagram and Facebook along with it they stay up to date about fashion and current affairs with the help of the internet.

6. Some people say that different age groups have different tastes on the internet content? What do you think?

Absolutely, as earlier mentioned different age groups have different tastes regarding the usage of the internet. Older people use the internet for listening to holy hymns/devotional songs. Whereas, some individuals like to do shopping, cooking, banking work, and many other things.

7.What influence can the internet have on children?

Well, the internet has both impacts on children positive as well as negative. Considering the positive impact of internet, I think children can enhance their creativity by using internet. They can gain more knowledge about studies and games. Moving towards the drawbacks of this trend, over-usage may put a bad impact on the eyes of infants. It can also distract them from their studies.

8. what kind of people don’t use the internet and what are the disadvantages that those people suffer because they don’t use the internet?

As I consider, people who do not use the internet may think that it is a waste of time. However, some people are poor so they are unable to use it. On the hand, individuals who are not interested in using the internet cannot stay up to date about on-going issues. They used to depend on others for the latest information. So, I think that is the major drawback of it.