Describe an actor and actress whom you admire Cue card

Describe an actor and actress whom you admire
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Who he/she is?

what he/she looks like?

what kind of movie he/she appears.

and explain why you admire this actor/actress?


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2.melodious voice

3. numerous

4. sober clothes

5. down to earth

6. jack of all trades

7. die hard

8. fond of

9. stiff competition

10 unfortunately

11. multifarious traits

Well, I know many people in my life, everyone has different personality traits. Some of them  have great influence in my life .so, today I would like to talk about renowned celebrity, he is none other than Shubh deep Singh Sidhu.

Although he had a melodious voice he also participated in numerous films. He belonged to a small village Moosa. If I talk about their personality then I definitely say that he was not only tall but also had a fair complex .he mostly preferred to wear sober clothes. He was down to earth person. Moreover, he was a very trustworthy and honest person. Besides this, shubhdeep Singh was also interested to take part in inspirational movies, which always contain some motivational stories.

I remember that it’s about one month ago, I saw a movie named “I’m a student “which always motivates me to do more than my capacity. So whenever I feel demotivated I love to watch this movie in order to get inspiration. He knew ins and outs of Hollywood. I must say that he was a jack of all trades because he always participated in different kinds of activities. He also did charity work. Unfortunately, a few months ago he dead and it was a great loss not only for the film industry but also for the public because we lost a famous singer and actor. He admires me because he was such a kind personality to whom I met in my life. I am still die-hard fan of Sidhu Moosewala because legends never die.

Follow ups:

Q.1 Are actors or actresses very interested in the work? why?

Definitely, according to my perspective, I think actors, as well as actresses, are fond of doing their work because they do their work with full of dedication. if they do not do so, they will not able to get succeed .apart from that, this someone of them has a dream to become more renowned  not only in their country but also in other nations

Q.2. Is being a professional actor or actress a good career?

No doubt, as professional actors or actresses, they can earn handsome salaries as well as names and fame around the world .they can also get the golden opportunity to travel overseas.

Q.3.what can children learn from acting ?

Although children can learn multifarious traits from acting firstly they can build confidence and social circles by meeting with new people. problem-solving skills can also be learned because in the career of acting, they have to face stiff competition.

Q.4.why do children like special costumes?

Most of the children feel more confident after wearing special costumes because it provides them with uniqueness. They can also imagine the situation around those customs.

Q.5.what are the differences between actors or actresses who earn much and those who earn little?

The difference between the salary of celebrities leads to immense impacts on celebs’ life. Firstly, luxurious life is enjoyed by celebrities and they do not have worries about financial matters only because of a higher salary. While those who earned less, cannot live a luxurious life which leads to conflict in the family regarding money. They also feel depressed become of less pay which creates impacts their mental health.

Q.6.what are the differences between acting in the theatre and that in film?

If I talk about acting there, actors have only one chance to perform their performance because they cannot retake it. They also have to speak loudly so the audience can listen to them. Whereas, in films, actors can prepare one dialogue many times until they are not satisfied with it. But actors are always very close to the camera, therefore they have to focus on their expressions and body language.