Describe an interesting old person you met recently Cue card

Describe an interesting old person you met recently.
Describe an interesting old person you met recently.
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Who this person is?

How you met him/her? How you know him?

What you do with this person?

Why you found him/her interesting ?


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Over the moon

 Down to earth person


 Extremely glad


 Multitalented person


Holy hymns


Fit as fiddle

Well, there are a number of people in my life whom I met and found interesting. Some of them are really close to me. Here, I would like to talk about an interesting person who is really close to my heart. She is none other than my friend’s grandmother whose name is…….. I met her at a family function. I never ever saw her before. so, surely it was my first meeting with her. I went to a family function with my parents. All my relatives and friends were present over there. Suddenly, I met with my friend and she told me that her grandmother is also present at this family function. So, she introduced me to her grandmother. When I met her I felt over the moon. As she was a down-to-earth person. We continuously talked for 2 hours. She told me about her culture. As she belonged to Bengali culture. She told me about some interesting rituals of her tradition. We danced together. Even my parents felt extremely glad to meet with her. Moreover, she told me that she tends to do charity work and joined an N.G.O which assist poor people to live their life peacefully. She is a multitalented person, and that is the main reason why I found her interesting.


1. Do you think old people and young people can share the same interest?

 Well, in my perspective old people and young people have different tastes. Old people are less energetic and curious as compared to young ones. For instance, old people tend to listen to holy hymns whereas youngsters love to talk about current affairs.

2. What skills can the old teach the young?

 Interestingly, old people can teach numerous things to their children. As they have enough experience in life. They properly know how to tackle any sort of issue. Even children can learn cooking, stitching, games, stories, and many other things which will be proved beneficial for their future life.

3. What skills can the young teach the old?

  I consider that young people can teach many things to older people. As youngsters are generally very curious. They can teach older about the advantages and usage of modern technology. Moreover, they can encourage them to live an independent life by doing some work from home. They can teach them how to do yoga and exercise in order to stay fit as fiddle.

4. Do you think old people should live with their family?

  Undoubtedly, old people are the roots of a family. They make their family more strong by teaching them some moral values. As we know older people play a crucial role in every family. As they make key decisions for the betterment of the family.

5. Do you think the old and the young can have the same interests?

 As I earlier mentioned youngsters and old people have distinct preferences. However, I think they have a similar interest in movies and games to some extent.

6. Do you think people are more selfish or self-centered than in the past?

No doubt, people become busier in their life. They want to earn more and more money. So, they do have not enough time to give their family and friends. But, I believe they do all the work for their family members so that they can fulfill their all desires.