Describe a historical period you would like to know more about cue Card

Describe a historical period you would like to know more about.
Describe a historical period you would like to know more about.
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What period do you want to know about

Why do you want to know about it.

How do you think you can know about it.


Burn midnight oil

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Keen interest

Freedom fighters




Surf the internet

Lump sum money

Hefty amount


There is no doubt, India is a country with a rich history. There are many particular dates in India’s history such as the 15th of August as independence day, the 26th of January as Constitution day, wars, and so on. Here I would like to talk about the independence story of India. The story is about the struggle of freedom fighters who burnt the midnight oil to get independence for India.

I have a keen interest in history and also I have heard various stories of freedom fighters from my Grandparents in my childhood. They often told me about happenings. Also, in my school days, I read history where ever I found more information about it. Actually, this is where I aroused my interest in that era.

Moreover, I want to know more about that particular period because I want to know how freedom fighters such as Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar Azad, and various other fighters sacrifice their lives to get freedom from British rulers. Apart from that, I am fascinated by the stories of these Fighters and the courage and determination they showed to obtain independence.

Eventually, I would like to know more about that historical time. As today is a technological era, so I am planning to surf the internet so I can gather more information about it. I shall do it as soon as possible.


1.  Do you think it is important to know about history? Should everyone learn about history?

No doubt, everyone should know about the importance of history because through this they can get knowledge about the past and our freedom fighters, who fought for our country in order to get independence.

2.  How can children learn about history?

Children can learn from books, old newspapers, museums,s and art galleries about history. Because these are reliable sources of getting information. Apart from it, children can watch a movie that is based on history.

3.  What is difference between learning about history from books and from videos?

On one hand, while reading a book will help people to increase their concentration power and develop their reading habit, On the other hand, watching a video can be more effective. It’s because visual memories are the strongest. And while watching a video, people somehow tend to be more interested in the thing.

4. Do you think it is difficult to protect and preserve historic buildings?

Yes, it is difficult because nowadays people are running towards modernization. Some of them do not care about historical places. Apart from this, heavy funds are needed for the maintenance of these buildings.

5. Who should be responsible for protecting historic buildings?

In my eyes, everyone should responsible for protecting historical buildings such as the government, the public, and tourists also. If everyone is involved in the protection of old buildings, they can be saved for a long time.

6. Who should pay for protecting the historic buildings?

Funds for the preservation of buildings must collect from the government, visitors, and local people. All should participate in the preservation of old buildings because it is not possible without their help of them.

7.   Do people in your country like to visit museums?

There is no doubt Indians like to visit museums. Even they pay an entry fee to see museums. Schools also take tours of these places in order to enhance the knowledge of students. I personally think that it is an easy way to learn about historical events.

8.  Do people in your country like to visit museums?

I think that both teenagers and adults have an equal level of craze regarding the visit of museums. Both age groups like to go to virtual museums.

9.  Do you think museums should be free of cost to enter?

No, I don’t think so. The leading factor behind it is that lump sum money is required for the maintenance of museums. If there is an entry fee then it is easier for authorities to manage the finance.

10  Do you think local people and tourists should pay the same amount to enter a museum?

Definitely, there should be no discrimination regarding entry fees between locals and foreigners. People save money for traveling and I think it is not a good thing to misuse their savings as travelers spend a hefty amount of money during their visit as they contribute to the economy of visiting nations by paying taxes.

11. How do you think the museums of future might be different from the museum of today?

Due to the advancement in technology, I think that there will be more establishment of interactive museums. New activities may be introduced to attract the individuals. Apart from this, robots may also be used to guide the tourists in future.