Describe a piece of international news that you have recently heard Cue card

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What the news was about?

Where and when you heard it?

What you were doing when you heard it?

and explain how you feel about this news.

Watching or reading news is the best way to expand one’s knowledge and aiming to keep myself updated with the latest happenings across the world, I watch the news on television and read them as well either on online or the hard copy.

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And I would like to talk about international news these days flowing around the globe is about COVID-19 pandemic.

Initially, it was about the spread of the coronavirus in China, and it was beginning to spread to other countries.

This was followed by an increasing number of infections and people who suffered or died because of COVID.

Many countries across the world have imposed a ban on flights such as France, Australia even India has banned flights coming from UK. If talk about world almost two million people died due to COVID.

During the last quarter of 2020, the good news about the vaccine was heard, but people were not sure whether it would work or not.

In the first week of December, I heard from BBC news  that Covid vaccine is ready for use. It was a big relief for everyone, on that time my joy knew no bounds. And it was fantastic news for everyone can resume a normal life, go to work, and meet their friends and relatives. This news affects not only me but everyone around the globe. I hope soon this pandemic will over and everyone will relief from this painful time.


1. Why do some people like to share news in social media?

Some people like to share news in social media because they want to circulate that important piece of news among people to spread awareness. They want their near and dear ones to come across it so that they can also become aware about it.

2. Do you think children should start watching news from a young age?

Yes, people should help their children develop the habit of watching news from childhood. It will help them to differentiate between good and bad from an early age and will also develop a habit or curiosity among them to remain aware about the happenings around them.

3. Is it important to read the news?

Yes, I think that it’s extremely important to read news as it helps us to remain up-to-date about the national as well as international current affairs. One can find whatever is happening around them by reading news.

4. Are young people and old people interested in same kind of news?

Well, I think age has nothing to do with the type of news people may like to read. People like to read different kinds of news according to their interests. It is a subjective thing and it depends on person to person what kind of news they may have interest in.