Describe a journey to school | Cue Card | with follow up question

Describe a journey to school | Latest cue Card | 8 Band sample

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How was that journey?

How did you go?

What did you do on the way?

Who was with you?

Do you need any improvement?

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Time flies so fast. Looking back, my high school is just like a movie, a lot of things happened. My journey in School was scary, exciting, and successful. It is true that, Journeys are the part of life. Life itself a journey. It starts in childhood and on death it ends. I really remember my journey to school. After wishing a warm goodbye to my mother, I started off to school.

I saw a couple of students hurrying and getting into their vans and cars, while a few others preferred cycling just like I did. I kept on looking at the scenery and trees that made me feel cool and internally relaxed. I even saw a nest in which a bird was busy feeding its child. It was my first journey of life. It was memorable journey also.

When I was in 3rd class, I remember from that, I used to go by school by cycle. It was red colored cycle. I started my journey at 6a.m. School was far from my house and my school timing was at 7a.m. It took half an hour to 45minute for me to reach. It was great experience. I was not alone. My elder brother also went with me every day. While crossing a park on my way I saw two lovely squirrels, fighting over a nut and then running after each other, as if they were humans, this made me smile and love the bounties and creations of God. I looked up at the sky and again took a deep refreshing breath.

Before going to school, my mother give instruction strictly. We did lot of fun. Sometimes plucked the flowers from the garden. Sometimes we ran the race and shouted a lot. A group of friends joined us on the way. No doubt fun increased at that time. We ran race and shouted a lot and we rang the cycle bell a lot. Some people scold us and abused us. I was very particular about rules and regulations of road. Never crossed red lights. It was a great time. I needed improvement because my cycle was old and color was faded and seat was broken and tore also. It was delightful journey of my life which I never forget throughout my life.


1. What mode of travel do you consider the safest?

I think earlier I considered travelling by car to be the safest but because of the increasing traffic and road accidents, I now consider train journey as the safest. So, whenever I have to travel long distance I travel by train. I also consider air journeys to be safe, but the recent airplane disappearances have made me less sure.

2. How do people travel long distance in your country?
I think the most common means of travel for majority of the people is train. However, with increasing incomes, many people have started travelling by air as well.

3. How can travelling be useful to people? What do you think people can learn by travelling to other countries?
Travelling is useful in many ways. First, its one the best ways to meet new people and make friends. Secondly, it enables us to learn about new cultures and traditions. Travelling also in a way breaks the monotony of everyday life. There is something very enjoyable about planning a holiday and visiting other places.

4. Where, in our opinion, should people visit during the vacations? What type of places do you recommend people to visit during vacations?
I have thought about it a lot. I think people should take vacations at a place, which is different from their own native place. For example, I live in the plains, so I love travelling to the hills and mountains. People who live in continental locations can visit the beaches. Ultimately though, it all depends upon people’s choice.