ielts speaking part 1 being in a hurry

ielts speaking part 1 being in a hurry | Latest Topics | 8 band sample

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1. What do you always do in a hurry and why?

There is nothing I am a very organized person. I make sure to prepare things in advanced because I simply hate doing things in a rush. For me doing things in a hurry all the time is stressful and it is a sign of being irresponsible. I think being in a hurry all the time surely takes a toll on one’s mental health.

2. Is doing things in a hurry good?

Like I have just said I am not into doing things in a rush personally that is just mentally distressing. However, I admit that there are things that are beyond our control. That no matter how organized we are, we still get trapped on running behind schedule and that is because of unexpected circumstances like you suddenly get ill.

3.What kind of things you would never do in a hurry?

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I believe things that could change the direction of my life like making life changing decisions or taking exams. These kinds of things need a good time to prepare otherwise it will end up failing. So, whenever I encounter any of these two, I always take my time.

4. Can you do things quickly? When you are in a hurry?

Not at all, as I easily get stressed out if I work under pressure, I cannot focus and I feel like my brain cannot function properly and because of that I prepare things beforehand so I won’t be in a situation, where I just get stressed.