Describe an interesting conversation

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Who was the person

When and where did you have the conversation

What was the conversation about

Well, conversation plays a very indispensable role in our life. We generally have formal or informal conversation. However some conversation are quite monotonous and some are quite fascinating. Here, I would like to elaborate  one interesting conversation. I vividly remember, last month when I was traveling, One lady was sitting behind me.

She asked me about newspaper, soon we involved in conversation. In brief conversation, I came to know that she is a diet expert and by talking with her I learnt a lot about healthy lifestyle. I am also a fitness freak and thus I enjoyed conversation with her.

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We started conversation on a common topic ” obesity in young people”. It was topic of my interest so we were both actively participating. Firstly she told me the main reasons of obesity. The first reason according to her is sedentary life style as young people are not physically active. Youngsters don’t prefer to walk on foot and most of their work is done with the help of machines.

The another reason is unhealthy diet. She told me that one should have balanced diet, which contain all components in accurate proportion like vitamins, proteins and minerals. She told that in last few decades the food habits of people prefer to dine out and they like restaurant food more than home cooked meals.

She suggested me to make time for physical activity. She told me 30 minutes per day of exercise can have dramatic positive effects on overall health.

Usually young individuals complain that they don’t have time to take exercise but according to her, time management is mandatory. Our conversation lasted for 2 hours and I got good knowledge from her.


   1.What is the difference between the conversation between males and females?
Men generally talk about sports, business, politics, whereas women talk about fashion, family and children. However, gender differences are disappearing very rapidly. It is not surprising to see women talk about politics and men talk about cooking and fashion.

  2.What is the difference between talking on phone and face to face conversation?
Face to face conversation allows a person to use expressions and gestures, which add life to any conversation. It has a personal touch. There is little room for telling lies. On the other hand, a phone conversation can be very deceptive.

  3.Why is body language important?
Body language can do what words cannot. It is a non verbal communication. It involves gestures, movements and expressions to convey messages. It breaks the barrier of unfamiliarity.

  4.Are there any disadvantages of face to face conversation?
Yes, sometimes a person may feel nervous and may not be able to express himself well face-to-face. Sometimes, if there is a conflict then there are chances that one person may get so angry that he may hit the other person. On the whole there are more advantages of face-to-face conversation.