Describe a short trip that you often take but you do not like.

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where you go?

when you go there?

why you go there?

And explain why you do not like this trip?

Honestly speaking, I love travelling and it does not matter how long the trip is. But there are some areas where I go often, but I don’t like much. Actually, I have enrolled in diploma course that’s why I daily commute to my college for my study. Distance of my college  is only 30 km to my home but this journey takes 1 hour because I  ride on the public transport(bus) everyday due to this I feel tired in the morning before reaching my college. I board on the bus at 9 and reach my college at 10. Though, it is short trip, often it becomes longer for the delays on the road like because this bus stops on every bus stop. I cannot like this journey for some reasons. Firstly, in the morning time, people of my area go for their work and studies through this route. Therefore,  bus is overcrowded and even I do not get seat to sit. Sometimes I get late due to traffic congestion. During travelling, there are so many roads that are congested and usually vehicles get stuck onto the roads. Moreover, noise pollution makes me irritate and emissions of fuel spoil my morning peace. In addition to this, Every day have the same view and the same people, I feel very boring. This course has numerous advantages so definitely I have to complete it. So this is the trip I don’t like.

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1.Do Indian people like to travel abroad?

To get away from the hustle and bustle of their monotonous, everyday lives, many Indians are preferring to travel overseas to enjoy their holidays. This is because the desire to explore exotic destinations all over the world has now become a trend. Travel opens our mind to a plethora of cultures, cuisines, and experiences.

2.How much time do you think people should spend on a trip abroad?

Actually, it depends on the purpose of trip as well as it also depend on the individuals mood. For example, most of travelers usually spend about a month when they commute foreign countries. According to my perception, if people go abroad with their family then they must spend at least 4 weeks in abroad.

3. Who prefers traveling abroad, young or old?

All age groups prefer to travel abroad, because everyone wants to  build a good career and to have a more satisfying lifestyle. For example, each year millions of people from developing nations move to developed countries only to have a better job and to get a better living standard for themselves and their family.

4. Which is better for knowing more about a country traveling or reading books about it?

Traveling is more important than reading books to understand people and the world. For instance, when you travel to a new country you can face each and everything very closely like learn a new culture, try the cuisine and you also get more knowledge about that particular country.