Describe a movie that you recently saw and that disappointed you Cue Card

Describe a movie that you recently saw and that disappointed you
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Why did you hate it?

What genre was the movie?

When did you watch it?


A Heavy heart  feeling of unhappiness

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Heart sinks  sad feeling

Block buster



Well ,  movies are the major source of entertainment . Nowadays , films widen the scope of knowledge according to their genre . For instance , a historical film can improve the history regarding knowledge . However ,  sometimes movies do not contain good content   Here , I would like to describe a time when I was disappointed after watching a movie .

 The name of that movie is ” Shooter ” . It is a Punjabi movie. Javy Randhawa is the leading character of this movie . It was released on 14 January 2021 . 2 years ago , I watched this movie along with my family in the nearest cinema of my hometown . I felt a heavy heart after watching this movie  .

 The genre of this movie was thriller and action. If I talk  why I do not like this film then the reason is that this movie is based on the life of Punjabi gangster Sukha kahlon.   It shows how he turned  into a Punjabi gangster .

Moreover , it describes his and friends clash with other gangster groups. By the influence of this film many youngsters joined criminal groups and started doing violence . My heart sinks whenever I think about it . All in all , this is the movie which I saw and disappointed .

Follow ups

What types of movies are popular in India?

There are lot of movies are popular in India such as comedy, romantic, action movies and many more. I would say that due to advancement of technology fiction and non- fiction movies are also gaining popularity .

Why are Japanese animation movies so popular?

 Honestly speaking, I am not completely familiar with the popularity of Japanese animation movies. But I think it is due to the storyline and theme of the movies .

Does the older generation like animation movies?

It is usually said that animation movies are only for children as they love animated movies .  However,  I consider,  age does not matter because it is totally dependent on interest . If old people have interest in animation than they will definitely watch it . For example , ” char sahibzade ” animation is quite famous among every age group.

Do famous actors have an impact on movies?

Yes definitely , popular actor and actress have great influence on movies .  Due to their fame and fan following many movies become blockbuster .

Should famous actors be given extra money?

Yes of course , famous actors ought to be given extra money because the entire film is based on the role of  main actor .  Moreover , famous actors increase the  viewership and generate revenue for the whole team .