Describe someone you know who has recently moved to a new place Cue Card

Describe someone you know who has recently moved to a new place
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Who he/she is

What the new place is like

Why he/she moved to a new place

And explain whether his or her move has positive impact on you.


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Dream house


An arm and leg




Different people have different compulsions to shift from one place to another but the main reasons for migrating are jobs and education.

Here I would like to talk about a person I know who has moved recently, he is none other than my uncle …… He is such a perfect man in all types of activities. He lived near my house and was my neighbour since my birth.

I was too attached to him and even now…  I can share anything with him without any kind of hesitation. Few months ago due to his transfer in job, he shifted to Chandigarh.

Before moving there he knew about his transfer and had built up a new apartment. The looks of the house are one of same as my dream house. There is a garden in the front and plants at the boundary .At the back , there is a swimming pool to have fun. The rooms and the interiors are just luxurious, all the things are very beautiful. There is no doubt, the house costed him an arm and leg.

It has put a positive impact on everyone of us because he has become a successful person going there. I feel proud of them. Moreover, he has been my role model since I met him.

Eventually, he is a very good person by his nature as well as in his work and one I know who has recently moved to a new place.


  1. Why young people move to a own accommodation?

There are numerous reasons behind this why  young people moving to their own house. First of all they want their privacy. For example, some of the people who live in joint family want to change it in a nuclear family. Secondly, some people migrate for their jobs or for their education.

2. Is there any other reasons behind this?

 Yes there are some other reasons . Firstly the people who do not have much facilities at their homes, they shift to a modern house that has all the amenities they want. Moreover, they design it with their own mind set.