Describe a game you enjoyed playing when you were younger Cue Card

Describe a game you enjoyed playing when you were younger Cue Card
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What is that game

Who you played it with.

Where did you play the game

And explain why you enjoyed playing that game.


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Part and parcel

Fit as a fiddle


Myriad of

On seventh heaven



Well, Games play a part and parcel role in every person’s life. Games not only provide a sense of well-being but also keep us fit as a fiddle . It is a conventional saying that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body.

I also played myraid of games during my childhood . Some of them are snake and ladder , hide and seek , kabaddi and many more . However ,today  l want to shed some light on the game which I enjoyed the most when I was young. It was none other than badminton.

I do not exactly remember but when I was around 7 years when my father gifted me a set of two rackets along with shuttle . I was on seventh heaven after receiving this gift . My father taught me to play by the rules . He also taught me about how to play with these equipments.

I often enjoyed this game with my elder brother .Sometimes my father and mother also joined our company .Usually, we played .ppppp the game in the backyard of our house . Mostly we preferred to play this game in evenings .

All in all , I felt delightful because I spent quality time with my family . Moreover , it was a worthwhile experience for me and I miss those golden days. Nowadays , we hardly play this game together due to hectic schedule .


  1. What games do Indian children play now?

 Nowadays, youngsters prefer to play indoor games instead of outdoor activities . They play games like snake and ladder , solving puzzles . Apart from this,  they spend their most of time in playing online games such as  free fire and many more . While , in the past children love to play outdoor games . For instance,  kabbadi , cricket  .

2. Do boys and girls play different games?

I think the difference between the games of boys and girls is decreasing by the passage of time . However, girls prefer to play with dolls and indoor games such as hide and seek and boys give preference to outdoor activities. For instance, kabbadi, cricket, football, basketball and many more.

3 .Why do children in kindergarten play games?

I think it is compulsory to play games in kindergarten because children not only recognise their strengths but also learn the sense of co-operation. Apart from this, they develop the habit of helping when someone is injured in the playground.

4. Should games only be interesting or only to learn?

Truly speaking, sports should be both interesting as well as to learn.  If games are amusing only then they can provide mental and physical stimulation. On the flip side, games can teach us about cooperation.

5. Is winning important in games?

I personally think that it’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game”. When a person gets success in the game then he gains confidence, whilst losing the game he gets to learn about how to face failure.

6. Is it more satisfying to win in a team than as individual?

Honestly speaking, triumph matters rather than it is achieved individually or in a team.

7. Why are some people bad losers?

I opine that there are several reasons for the same. First and the foremost is that such people are very competitive. Secondly, they discredit the actual winner. Apart from this, they blame others and do not accept their failure.