Describe a popular person Cue Card

Describe a popular person
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Who this person is

What he or she is like

Why do you think this person is popular

How this person influences the public


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Renowned person


Stepping stone




Down to earth person

Unique style

Cup of tea

Left no stone unturned


Being a famous personality is not a cup of tea in this competitive era. There are myriad of people who are famous .However, here I would like to talk about a renowned person who is none other than shubhdeep singh sidhu known as sidhu moosewala.  He left no stone unturned to bright up the name of his village Moosa.

Although, he was from Punjab yet he was renowned and known worldwide because of his talent. One thing which is really wonderful about this singer is that he had sung most of his songs based on the reality of life due to  his this  unique style of music he was appreciated by youngsters especially because he had never criticised females . Even after his death still he is on the billboards of many nations this shows that he had successfully made his place in this world to be remembered for years.

Well, I can say that his music is just amazing and full of energy and there is no any party where the music of moose wala is not played. Although he remains in our controversies as well for promoting gun culture yet he has a special room in the hearts of millions of people . He used to act as stepping stone for those who are financially unstable numerous people still admire his good deeds.

lt is very unfortunate that some time ago, he was assassinated publicly and at a quite young age  on he left us forever. But what I personally feel  that his die hard fans  will never forget him. He would stay in the hearts of his lovers till eternity because he was a kindhearted and down to earth personality and the fact is that, he achieved heights of success at a very young age and showed a path to the youth that anyone can get success in life at any age by burning midnight oil and dedication.

Follow ups:

1 what are the qualities of being popular?

To be a popular person, the specific quality should be kind and hard working. He ought to be friendly and should promote those projects which are beneficial for society like projects related to culture and respect.

2 Do you know any popular star who likes helping other people?

Well, assisting other is human nature. I am familiar with the majority of famous people who assist others such as Sonu Sood who helped people in corona pandemic by providing fundamental requirements.

3 Do you think children should imitate their idols?

In my perspective, juveniles need to imitate those who are presenting right phase and truth in front of society. Who neither promote the use of drugs nor disrespect the females .

4 What influence do popular people have on teenagers?

To be honest, nowadays most of the artists are  influencing teenagers in a wrong path as they encourage people to consume drugs which are hazardous for not only physic but also psychological health. In contrast, some artists encourage people to remember their culture and traditions like Gurdas maan who used to represent those songs which are related to culture.

5 Do you think popular stars have more freedom or less freedom?

No doubt, famous personalities have to disclose their life in front of public. They cannot live like a common person so that’s why I assert that they have less freedom.