Describe a difficult task that you completed at work or study that you felt proud of Cue Card

Describe a difficult task that you completed at work or study that you felt proud of
Describe a difficult task that you completed at work or study that you felt proud of
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What the task was

How you completed it

Why the task was difficult

Why you were proud of the completion of the task.


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1. a walk in the park for everyone



4.A fish out of water

5. mandatory

6. timeframe

7. prior experience

8. great sense of joy

9. hard work is key to success

10. burnt the midnight oil

11. on cloud nine

12. God’s grace

13. milestones

14. strive

15. grapple 

Completing difficult tasks is undoubtedly not a cup of tea or not a walk in the park  for everyone, but I believe that when individuals tackle challenges that are tough for them, it not only enhances their learning skills but also boosts their confidence. Today, I would like to share my experience of when I completed a particularly challenging task, which happened to be a project about the history of India.

I vividly recall the time when I was in my 10th standard. At that moment, my history teacher assigned us this project with a tight deadline of just two weeks. Initially, when I learned about the project, I felt like a fish out of water because I didn’t have a strong liking for history. However, it was mandatory for all students to complete this task within the given timeframe.

I found it quite challenging for several reasons. First and foremost, I considered history to be a boring subject compared to others. Additionally, it required a significant amount of time and effort to gather the necessary data. Moreover, it was my first research project related to history, and I had no prior experience in creating a project in this field.

When it comes to how I managed to complete this task, I began by discussing my concern with my mother. She told me that hard work is the key to success and encouraged me to give it my best effort. Her words provided me with a sense of motivation. Following that, I devised a plan to seek help from the internet. Unfortunately, when I searched for information about my project online, I encountered inaccurate information, which further complicated my task. However, without a second thought, I turned to various books about India’s history and burnt the midnight oil to ensure the success of my project.

On the final day, I submitted my completed project to my teacher with a great sense of joy and satisfaction. Lastly, when she announced the results, I was nervous, but with God’s grace, I received the highest marks in the entire class. I felt like I was on cloud nine because it was a proud moment for me. All my classmates congratulated me, which filled me with a sense of pride in myself. That was the moment when I successfully completed a difficult task.


1. What are the things that make people feel proud?

Well, in this modern era, there are several factors that commonly lead to feelings of pride. These include achieving academic success and excelling in their studies, as well as securing desirable jobs or career accomplishments. People often feel proud when they achieve success in their life.

2. Do people often feel proud of themselves when they complete a difficult task?

 Yes, people often feel proud when they successfully complete a tough task. It’s important to recognize and appreciate such achievements, as they signify significant milestones in one’s life and may not be attainable by everyone.

3. What challenges do young people face today?

Young people today face increasing competition in education and the workplace, making it essential for them to strive for top positions. Additionally, they often grapple with the challenge of maintaining a healthy balance between their professional and personal lives.

4. How do young people handle difficult or challenging tasks?

As we all know that technology entered in every phase of life and it is very fruitful for human beings nowadays it comes easy for all age groups to find solutions of hard challenges with the aid of new technologies. To be more precise, young people use social apps and websites for handling difficult tasks .  For example, Google is a highly popular search engine used by millions of people to find solutions to their challenges. Additionally, young individuals often seek advice from their elders when faced with difficult tasks.

5. What kinds of rewards do people receive from work?

Rewarding employees is good idea for boosting their productivity, but it depends on companies to companies some firms prefer to give money as a symbol of reward to hard working workers while others give promotion opportunity to their employees because it gives a sense of motivation to workers. For the example, many companies provide incentives to workers in order to enhance their performance.

6. What are the most difficult jobs that people do?

In this modern era, people engage in various occupations to meet their basic needs. In my opinion, jobs in the fields of science and the military are among the most challenging because they demand a high level of skill and come with significant risks to life. Only a minority of individuals opt for these professions due to the belief that they may not be capable of performing them.