Describe a time that something changed your life in good ways cue Card

Describe a time that something changed your life in good ways
Describe a time that something changed your life in good ways
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When and where it happened

What happened

How you felt about it

And explain how it changed your life in good ways


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Plenty of


Hard nut to crack

Roll up my sleeves

Swapping out

Fit as a fiddle


A shot in the arm encouragement



Life offers plenty of chances for positive changes, but let’s talk about one that really turned things around for me. It all began during my first year of college when I found myself struggling with the issue of weight gain, and I decided to take action to address this concern.

At first, addressing my weight issue seemed like a hard nut to crack. But things began to change when I decided to roll up my sleeves and educate myself about healthy eating and exercise. I reached out to fitness experts for guidance, and step by step, I incorporated their suggestions into my daily life.

I started with baby steps, like swapping out sugary snacks for fruits and veggies and gradually increasing my physical activity by squeezing in regular workouts.

As time passed, I began to see significant progress. The numbers on the scale started to drop, and I felt as fit as a fiddle. Achieving these milestones gave me a terrific sense of accomplishment and a shot in the arm for my self-esteem.

Overall, this experience taught me hard work pays off. It also underscored the notion that even small, consistent changes in one’s lifestyle can lead to significant improvements in health and well-being.

This experience has not only helped me maintain a healthier weight but has also instilled in me the belief that with dedication and the right mindset, we can overcome challenges and create positive change in our lives.


Is your country changing rapidly?

Yes, India is changing rapidly, with advancements in various areas such as infrastructure and technology contributing to its growth. However, the pace of change can vary, and it’s best to stay updated through the latest news for the most current information.

What can smart phones do these days?

Smartphones today can do a lot. With the help of phones people can make calls, send messages, take photos, access the internet, play games, and even help with tasks like navigation and shopping. They have revolutionized the way we communicate, work, and entertain ourselves.

Since most people do  work on their computers, why do they still need to go to the office?

Despite the prevalence of computer-based work, the office remains crucial because it facilitates face-to-face collaboration and fosters a sense of belonging to the company culture, which can be challenging to achieve remotely. Also, offices have tools and things that help people work well together, making them more efficient and productive as a team.

Do you think people’s work in the future will be heavily affected by technology?

Yes, in the future, technology will significantly influence how people work. Automation and digital tools will change job tasks, create new types of work, and make some jobs more efficient, so it’s important for individuals to adapt to these changes and learn tech-related skills.

Compare with pace of technological progress in the past and in the present?

The pace of technological progress today is much faster than in the past. In the past, significant technological advancements often took decades or centuries, while today, breakthroughs and innovations can occur in a matter of months or even weeks, leading to rapid changes in various aspects of our lives.