Describe an invention Cue Card

Describe an invention
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What the invention is

How you use this invention

Whether it is difficult to use it


Ancient times

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Hard nut to crack

Not rocket science



Sliced bread

Hectic schedule

Piece of cake



During ancient times, there was no technology in the world, whereas nowadays advancements in science field are having a shake up of their technology by the creation of new gadgets. Here I would like to shed some light on an innovation that really impact life of each citizen. It is none other than smartphone.

 Actually, in recent decades, people have to wait for all official works while standing in long queues, however, in this contemporary era, with unique products, the life of every individual has changed as the works are shifted online where people can do all things in a quick manner, either it is study or work.

Moreover, smartphone helps citizens at every moment as it is a labour-saving device, it not only saves time but also saves money because people do not need to go outside in order to complete their work.

Well, I use this technology for many purposes such as whenever I feel bored, I listen to music with the help of smartphone. Besides this, I do study on online platforms and also transfer payments to any person.

As I used smartphone, other people are using it as a same. I vividly remember, when I bought it first time, I thought it was a hard nut to crack for me, while with the practice I found it was not rocket science for me to learn about smartphone.

Apart from this, the creation of cell phone is beneficial for all age groups, whether they are senior citizens or youth. In terms of senior community, they make companion to these devices because not a single person has time to sit along with their old parents. In case of youth, they use cell phones for entertainment, work together with study purposes. All in all, that is an innovation which changed people’s life and make it easier.


How has technology made our life easier?

As far as I am concerned, technology is affected the way people live. As I mentioned earlier, people can do all the works with the aid of internet which is very convenient method rather than doing offline works. Besides this, technology has been entered in the houses where people can do all works without any physical efforts with electronic appliances such as vacuum, microwave, washing machine and so on.

Which invention do you think is the most useful at home?

To be honest, there are many devices which are used in houses such as washing machine, microwave and chimney but according to me, washing machine is the best thing since sliced bread because people have no leisure time to wash clothes with their hands owing to their hectic schedule. That’s why they prefer washing machine to wash clothes that saves their time and individuals utilised their free time on productive activities.

Is it more difficult for old people to accept new technologies?

Well, I think learning new things is not a piece of cake for senior citizens. Due to aging, they may loss their concentration as well as recalling power. Therefore, old people find it hard to bring new gadgets in their lives because they mostly rely on traditional methods such as books, newspaper and many more.

What can be done to help old people learn to make use of new technologies?

I think there are many measures which can be adopted to train aged people about technology. Firstly, younger generation can teach senior citizens with patience so that olders can grasp all the things without any difficulty. Also, government should aware over age people about the use of technology so that they have curiosity to learn more about new gadgets.

Will our life be better if we live without technology?

I don’t think so because technology makes people’s life more easier than past years. Technology is indispensable and people usually rely on these gadgets in this modern era for every single task. So, it is very difficult for people to live without gadgets because these devices provide them comfort.