Describe an important plant in your country

Describe an important plant in your country cue card | 8 Band Sample | May to August 2024 | IELTS Speaking

Describe an important plant in your country cue card | 8 Band Sample | May to August 2024 | IELTS Speaking
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Describe an important plant in your country Cue card | May to August 2024
• What it is
• Where you see it
• What it looks like
• Explain why it is important


1. Enhance- improve
2. Thorns- typically refers to the sharp, pointed structures that grow on the stems or branches of certain plants, such as roses
3. Cloud Nine- very happy
4. Crucial – important
5. Tranquility – peace
6. Appearance – look

We all know the importance of plants as these are the major groups of living organisms and can be found in different parts of the world in distinct shapes and colours. All have their own importance and qualities. So thank you for allowing me to talk about a particular plant with great importance, which is none other than a rose plant. It is not only eminent but also very common among people as everyone knows about it.
Initially, I saw it during my school time because it was planted in front of the main gate when it caught my attention due to its beauty and fragrance. After that, I told my father to grow it in the garden of our home. Now many rose plants in my home enhance the external look of my home more beautifully.
If I talk about its appearance, rose flowers vary in size and shape and in different colours like pink, red, white, vibrant yellow, and orange. But, mostly in India people give preference to red and pink roses. Moreover, the petals develop in a circular pattern which gives them the shape of a cup. It also has thorns on the branches.
Rose has great importance in the lives of people. Firstly, it is the symbol of love and most individuals give it to each other on different occasions like marriages, birthdays, and even for welcoming others to show their respect and happiness towards them. In addition, various parts of the rose like flowers, leaves, and bark can be used for making multiple products like cosmetics perfumes, beauty products are included and food items. Despite this, is also used for medical purposes. For example, in the treatment of diabetes, aging, stress, and depression. By reviewing it from others, everyone feels over the cloud nine. So, to cut a long story short, it is the plant that has a crucial role all around the world.


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1. What are the features of living in the countryside?
Living in the countryside features abundant natural scenery, tranquility, and a strong sense of community. Moreover, Residents enjoy spacious homes, outdoor activities, and a quieter, less polluted environment.

2. Should schools teach children how to grow plants?
Yes, schools should teach children how to grow plants. For example, a school garden can help students learn about nature, responsibility, and healthy eating. It also fosters responsibility, patience, and an understanding of where food comes from. This practical experience promotes healthy eating habits and environmental awareness among students.

3. Why do some people prefer to live in the countryside?
Some people prefer to live in the countryside because it offers a quieter, less polluted environment, with more space and natural beauty. This lifestyle can lead to reduced stress, a closer connection to nature, and a strong sense of community.

4. Have new kinds of plants been grown in your city recently?
Yes, new varieties of plants have been cultivated in my city recently. For instance, local botanical gardens have introduced exotic species from different parts of the world to diversify the city’s green spaces and promote biodiversity.

5. Why do some people like to keep plants at home?
Some people like to keep plants at home because they find them calming and enjoyable to care for. For example, having a few houseplants like succulents or peace lilies can help create a relaxing atmosphere in their living room or bedroom.

6. Are there many trees in your city?
Yes, in cities across Punjab, there are many trees. For example, cities like Chandigarh and Ludhiana have a considerable number of trees lining streets, parks, and residential areas, contributing to the greenery and overall ambiance of the cities.

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