Describe your idea of perfect home or dream house where you want to live Cue card

Describe your idea of perfect home or dream house where you want to live
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Where this place would be

What it would look like

When you would like to live there

Explain why it is ideal to you


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Opulent sofa


Burn the candle at both ends


Well, I have been living in my hometown since my birth that has almost all the basic facilities. But there are few things I dislike about it. Here I would like to talk about my dream place that is none other than  Mohali. It’s my childhood dream to live there.

The house would be in an open space with the boundaries ,where I would like to grow my favourite plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables in organic way. The house would have the three bedrooms, an open kitchen, spacious lobby and open backyard.

I would also like to buy an opulent sofa set to fit in the lobby. Moreover, it is essential to have  good quality fittings, tiles and necessary elements in the kitchen and bathrooms .I would fit all the amenities as well as would like to decorate it with different things such as paintings, family photos and so on.

I want the house to become peaceful and have the calm environment whenever someone would visit and must appreciate me. I would like to make it completely luxurious. Also, I need a garage where I can keep my car.

In future I will burn the candle at both ends to fulfill my dream as well as make my parents will proud of me.


1.Do most Indian people live in an apartment or house?

 According to me, it depends on the area or place where they live in. There are some places where there is lack of land , in this situation , people have to live in an apartment whereas people who are  from countryside love to live in houses.

2. Do young people in your country like to live with their parents  or by themselves?

Well, most of the young people in my nation live with their parents but sometimes they have to move to another City or town for  job or sometimes for higher education.

3.Do Indian people like to rent a place to live?

Buy or rent a home is purely their wish but it always depends on budget. The one who have good financials opt for owning a home the one who are not opt for renting. But the people in India are shifting to other cities for job purposes at that time they are obviously looking for rents because after some years they return back to their home town.

4. Would you live in a foreign country in the future?

 Yes of course I would definitely move to a foreign country in future  to pursue my higher education apart from this it’s my dream to shift abroad.

5.How is modern home design in your country different  to that of the past?

 According to me,  much bigger differences can be seen in the designing of houses now then in the past to explicate there are all the modern gadgets as well as techniques found in one’s houses and the houses now are little complicated whereas in the past houses were  spacious and very less use of modern equipments.

6. Do people prefer to live in modern homes or the older  style homes?

When it comes to preferences, I have no idea what to answer. This question is like which ones people prefer, for me personally, I prefer to live in a modern house because all the facilities are available in these homes.

 7. How are modern homes different to older ones?

A large difference that can be seen in the homes of modern designs and in the past, first of all variations in space. Modern homes are less spacious as compared to past other than this difference of material can be seen these days people use more modern equipments or in the modern style where as in past people preferred simple decoration and manual work.