Describe a sports program you like to watch cue Card

Describe a sports program you like to watch
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What is it?

Who do you watch with it?

When do you watch it?

Why do you like to watch it?


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Enthusiast person


Sedentary lifestyle



Well , a good sport is a source of entertainment both for parties as well as spectators . I am a sports enthusiast  person . I watch many sports programs such as ICC Cricket World Cup , Soccer World Cup , Commonwealth games but here I would like to talk about my favourite sports program , it is none other than Olympics .

Me and my family enjoy this event together . The Olympics are live telecasted on every sports channel like Sony sports and DD Sports and on other sports channels .  We watch this program during Olympic games . We prefer evenings for the same . Sometimes , we enjoy it’s recorded show also .

The Olympic Games are normally held after every four years since 1994 .In 2020 , this game was held in Tokyo , while In 2024 , the Olympic games will be hosted by Pairs .

I love to watch it for several reasons . Firstly, Olympics  are the leading international sporting events featuring summer and winter sports competitions . Secondly , thousands of athletes from around the world participate in a variety of competitions. Apart from this , the Olympic games are considered the world’s foremost sports competitions with more than 200 teams, representing sovereign states and territories, participating. 

All in all , this is the sports program which I like to watch .


What sports are popular in India?

I think that there are quite a few sports which are popular in India such as football, kabbadi, hockey and many more. However, cricket is highly popular sport throughout the country especially among youngsters.

Why do children need sports?

Without a doubt , children need sports as it has numerous benefits for children. First and foremost, sports not only provide active lifestyle, but also prevent children from sedentary lifestyle. Moreover, sports bring tremendous job opportunities in their future endeavours.

How can parents develop  an interest in sports among children?

Parents are always a role model for their children. I think, parents should motivate and guide their children to participate in sport activities and also limit fix hours for such activities . On top of it, parents should also involve themselves in physical activities in hope of setting up good examples in front of their wards/children.