Describe an occasion when you spent time with a young child Cue Card

Describe an occasion when you spent time with a young child
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When was it.

Who the child was

Why did you spend time with the child

Explain what you did and how did you feel.


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Adorable loveable

Hectic schedule

Down in dumps


Up to the mark

Part and parcel



Well , kids are adorable innocent and loving one . They are soft like a clay . Due to these qualities , I love to spend time with younger ones . But my hectic  schedule does not allow me to do so . However , here I would like to speak about a time when I spent time with a toddler .

I apparently remember , two months ago when I got this opportunity . It  was Sunday morning and my uncle visited my home and told me that his wife is suffering from high fever . I felt down in  the dumps after hearing this . He told me that they had appointment with Doctor . After listening this , I decided to keep their son with me on particular day for baby sitting .

Initially , I found  the kid shy ,  but sometimes later I realized myself wrong . I played with him a lot . It seemed to me that he was much interested in hide and seek . He was not able to understand other games as is very young . His behavior made me to laugh my head off .  I provided him some food  , after having it  he slept . Till that time his parents came back from the hospital and took him back.

All in all , my experience was up to the mark . I consider that particular day  as most enjoyable day of my life .


Do you think there are too many rules for young children to follow, whether at school or at home? 

I don’t think so . I think ,  schools have  limited rules which play part and parcel role in student’s  life . They learn discipline from rules . If I talk about home I do not consider that there are some rules and regulations .

 Do you think children should follow all the rules? 

Without any second thought I will say yes . By following rules children recognise the importance of discipline which is quite worthwhile for there upcoming life .

 Do you think it’s necessary for parents to take decisions for their children? 

Yes of

Of course , as children are not mature enough to take decision wisely . They even unable to find the difference between right and wrong . Consequently, it is mandatory for parents to take decisions on the behalf of their children .

. Do you think it’s good for parents to help children choose friends? 

Truly speaking, parents should not interfere regards the selection of friends . They should only teach the children about the qualities of a good friend. By experience, they will become able to recognise a true and fake friend .

 Where do children usually play? 

I consider that place does not matter for children ‘s enjoyment. They play everywhere . For instance, they amuse themselves by playing indoor games as well as outdoor games. They enjoy in playground and house equally.

While traveling with children, which of the parents takes more care of the children? 

I opine that both the parents. However , the children ‘ s comfortable zone matters a lot . The parent may be mother or father with the kid has more attachment , is more responsible while travelling.

How do parents teach children to respect people? 

Children learn things by imitation. If parents themselves give respect to others then definitely they will copy them . Apart from this, parents may provide rewards as well as set examples of other individuals by which they will get inspiration.

 Do outdoor activities help children? 

I think that outdoor activities keep young ones not only physically fit but also mentally . They develop creativity , coordination , balance and strength. Moreover , they learn social skills .

What is the difference between the outdoor activities children play now and before? 

There are various differences between the both . The first and foremost is that in the past times , children do not have  special playgrounds but nowadays every city even the villages have sports stadium . Second major difference is equipments for playing. In the past times , either young ones played with equipments such as equipments made at home , while presently , equipments are commonly available everywhere . The next major thing  which I consider is that with the development of technology and digital games, youngsters mostly enjoy these games and do not prefer outdoor games.

Which side, the father or the mother, invests more experience in caring for the child? Why? How can we change this? 

No doubt both plays crucial role in children’s life but I personally opine that mother’s spend more time in the upbringing of children there are many reasons behind this firstly women are more responsible rather than men in taking care of infants .Additionally men are working by nature and they do not have enough time as well as experience for caring for the child. Apart from this as women give birth so they also have a sense of affection and care towards children that men cannot. I don’t think we can change this completely but it’s slowly happening on it own.