May to August speaking pdf 2024

May to August Speaking Cue Card 2024

may to august cue card 2024
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1. Describe a picture/photograph of you that you like
2. Describe something that you did with someone/a group of people
3. Describe someone (a famous person) that is a role model for young people
4. Describe a subject that you would like to learn in the future
5. Describe a natural place (e.g. parks, mountains)
6. Describe a risk you took that you thought would lead to a terrible result but ended up with a positive result
7. Describe someone you know who made a good decision recently
8. Describe a place where you have taken photos more than once
9. Describe a tourist attraction that very few people visit but you think is interesting
10. Describe a person who encouraged you to achieve your goal
11. Describe an interesting place you have been to with a friend
12. Describe a sport that you only have watched before but have not played yourself
13. Describe a new law you would like to introduce in your country
14. Describe a special meal that someone made for you
15. Describe a place you have been to where things are expensive
16. Describe an indoor or outdoor place where it is easy for you to study
17. Describe a person who thinks music is important and enjoys music
18. Describe an important plant in your country
19. Describe a person who likes to buy goods with low prices
20. Describe a place (city/town) that is good for people to live in
21. Describe a time you taught something new to a younger person?
22. Describe an enjoyable journey by public transport?
23. Describe something you own that you want to replace?
24. Describe a time when you received money as a gift
25. Describe a person who you are happy to know
26. Describe a piece of good news that you heard about someone you know well.
27. Describe a film character played by an actor or actress whom you admire
28. Describe a complaint that you made, and you were satisfied with the result.
29.Describe an activity you enjoyed in your free time when you were you young.
30. Describe something you would like to learn in the future
31. Describe a public facility (for example a museum or a library) that been renovated and improved recently
32. Describe a daily routine that you enjoy
33. Describe a place you visited where the air was polluted
34. Describe a historical building you have been to
35. Describe a person you met at a party and enjoyed a conversation with. You should say
36. Describe your favourite place in your house where you can relax.
37. Describe a time when missed or were late for an important meeting/event.
38. Describe an occasion you wore your favourite clothes

May to August cue card 2024